What suit should Iron Man have in his main profile? (discussion)

Created by Savage, 8 mo 29 d ago.

Iron Man is a pretty main character, but it's impossible to judge how well he does in battles, because it's always been unclear what suit he has in his main profile. He has over 60 suits, and I'm more than happy to add them all and edit them, but first we need to change his main profile to a specific suit. There are some other problems with Iron Man suits as well (Like which hulkbuster armor is the one in the profile? Why no model numbers on any of the suits?) but I can fix that. We just need to decide which armor he has in his main profile, because otherwise it's impossible to give any iron man feats. It seems most people assume it's one of three things, Extremis, Model Prime, or Bleeding Edge, but all three have separate profiles. We just need a moderator to edit him and give him a specific suit.