Wanda (Darkhold post WV) vs Dr.Strange

Created by NatexMaximoff, 2 y 4 mo 5 d ago.

So what If in Doctor Strange 2 we get this like really cool fight between them, killing plot armor and if they were to just fight would either A. Darkhold Wanda win or B. Dr.Strange win! lmk your reasoning


GivejusticetoKnull 2 y 4 mo 5 d
Wanda (Darkhold post WV) vs Dr.Strange
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Dr Strange alone cannot defeat her, maybe according to the movie defender strange helps him to defeat her. Or wanda herself realises that in attempt to rescue her children shes fucked up , then maybe a tease to mephisto or chthon and she kills herself( not to mention that she possibly get ressurected in the end).