Top 5 Favorite Characters

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This is where you can list your Top 5 Characters from any Comic, Movie, TV Show, Book, Video Game etc.


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My top 5(huh who would've guessed number 1 lol)
#1 Jean Grey
#2 Teal'c
#3 Daniel X
#4 The Lone Wanderer
#5 Gypsy Danger
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Batman is always at the top spot on my list, but the the rest are always changing, so here's how I would order them currently:
1. Batman
2. Zuko/Iroh
3. Joker
4. Flash (Barry Allen)
5. Deathstroke
Ok not in order cuz I really don't know how to rate them but probably sentry x-23 jean grey Dr doom and angel
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SirSpidey's Top 5 Favorite Characters
1: Thor
2: Captain America
3: Shikamaru
4: Mace Windu/Yoda
5: Thanos
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My top five favorite characters of all time
1 Scooby-doo
2 Captain America
3 Daredevil
4 Obi wan Kenobi
5 Godzilla
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Comic Books
#5: Moon Knight
#4: Wasp
#3: Jubilee
#2: Spawn
#1: Hal Jordan
Star Wars
#5: Meetra Surik/The Jedi Exile
#4: Revan
#3: Jaina Solo
#2: Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus
#1: Darth Nox