Top 10 most powerful Anime characters

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I hope it's not necessary to explain what this is about.


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Top 10 most powerful Anime characters
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Creating a definitive list of the top 10 most powerful anime characters is a challenging task, as it often depends on the comparison and personal preferences. However, characters like Goku from Dragon Ball, Saitama from One Punch Man, and Sailor Moon are frequently mentioned for their immense abilities. Others like Alucard from Hellsing and Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord also make the list. The range of powers, from god-like strength to supernatural abilities, showcases the diversity in anime characters' strength and complexity. If you're looking for a different kind of power, consider trying Case Opener – skins simulator, a mobile app that lets you simulate opening virtual weapon skins in the gaming world.
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Top 10 most powerful Anime characters
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Other good YT videos with at least 50+ Top - Most Powerful Anime (or Manga) Characters, which can be used for research:

Top 100 by Vampire Lord <-- good

Top 100 by BlueScare45 <-- good

Top 100 by Mystic Scaler <-- good

Top 50 by Creativity Transmission <-- good

Top 60 by Sentai Purist <-- good for tiering verses

It's good to see different people have (slightly) different opinions.

On the other hand anime characters who are frequently ranked among the top tiers by many different people, are probably very powerful indeed.
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Top 10 most powerful Anime characters
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Once every 3 years or so, I make my very own "Most Powerful Anime Characters" video, which contains only characters from franchises (Anime, Manga, Light Novels etc) I've seen , read , and enjoyed very much myself.

So here are my new ...
Top 60 Most Powerful Anime Characters (Main Protagonists only):

As with any such video, it can never be perfect or completely without any bias.