Thanos vs Doomsday

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If Thanos and Doomsday fight who will win?



Thanos will lose without his "gadgets".
Depends. HP Doomsday would annihilate Thanos.
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Thanos wins easily. If he gets ANYTHING like the IG, Cosmic Cube, or HOTU, he obliterstomps...
If you mean base Thanos, well doomsday stomps like, fast, if you mean any other form then Thanos godstomps
The New 52 Doomsday and YEAR 20XX THANOS
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With Iso-Gauntlets Thanos I think can take this. Killing Half of the Heroes was only to send a message, so I think it's implied that he was only using a fraction of its power. Doomsday will be a very difficult fight, but due to reality warping I think Thanos takes it with Iso-Gauntlets. Without I think it's mainly just 616 Thanos, Doomsday takes this fight as he has an insane amount of durability (He was only defeated when taken to the end of time)
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Which versions of each?
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If Thanos has the Infinity Gaunlet then it would be him. If not, I don't know.

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