Tales of The Dogscape

Created by RAHIMINDAHOODS, 2 y 10 mo 30 d ago.

Topic: Is anyone familiar with the ficitional critically-acclaimed novel ''Dogscape" published on June 7, 2017 and officially added as an character on Superhero database.

Any particular comment or feedback would be appreciated.


Jongensoden 2 y 10 mo 24 d
Tales of The Dogscape
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MaseTheFace 2 y 10 mo 30 d
Tales of The Dogscape
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I just read the dogscape creepypasta and I think your profile of him was good! One thing that throws me off is that his strength is 100 but he doesn't have super strength?
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RAHIMINDAHOODS 2 y 10 mo 30 d
Tales of The Dogscape
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Usually, Dogscape is a demonic embodiment or hive of dogs that possess an abundance of strength but considering Dogscape is necessarily invulnerable with strength but not offensively in attacking since, he is immune to military weapons such as, bombs, rapid gunfire, radiation, and possibly nuclear bomb according to the Dogscape Creepypasta which as shown here is considered a planetary level entity that enveloped or covered the whole Earth at the conclusion Charles Mountel's radio broadcast as the last survivor when Dogscape envelops the Earth's surface