Superhero Database New World Company

Created by SirSpidey, 2 y 6 mo 26 d ago.

If anyone plays on PC and has New World, let's start a SHDb company. It's $40 on Steam. It's currently still in beta mode, which will most likely end August 2nd. The actual game comes out August 31st. Hit me up if you're interested.


SirSpidey 2 y 6 mo 24 d
Superhero Database New World Company
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It seems there was a bit of a misunderstanding, which is my fault entirely. I should have been more clear in what I was proposing. In this game I mentioned, you can join a guild of some sort which is called a Company. I was just proposing if you have the game already we should start our own Company within the game.
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Mr_Incognito 1 y 11 mo 14 d
Superhero Database New World Company
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Wait, Spidey actually admits he did something wrong? What is this world coming to.
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RAHIMINDAHOODS 2 y 6 mo 25 d
Superhero Database New World Company
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