Regarding Spoilers for any recent films

Created by Tigerking2020, 1 y 9 mo 23 d ago.

Hello everyone I've noticed some people comment and give away spoilers for Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. This is a friendly reminder to please be courteous to those who haven't yet seen the movie and not spoil it for them. If you do plan to comment, please click on help next to add comment to know how to tag spoilers. It will say Example: Bruce Wayne is Batman. Wait at least 2 weeks after the movie's release to comment unspoiled or once the majority of the site watches the film. This is not the only time we are doing this, this reminder will be posted for any big movie that comes up that the majority of this site is planning on watching. Thank you everyone.


Tyrannus 1 y 9 mo 12 d
Regarding Spoilers for any recent films
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If anything I'd say the rule is at least a month but preferably several months later before you can start talking about a movie casually without worrying about Spoilers. There were a few Marvel movies I didn't watch until after it appeared on Disney +.
MarvelBoy107 1 y 9 mo 23 d
Regarding Spoilers for any recent films
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GivejusticetoKnull 1 y 9 mo 23 d
Regarding Spoilers for any recent films
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luckily most of the guys that comment those spoilers do tag the spoilers. But forums like those should be posted atleast one week after the release in my opinion. Its not like everyone watches it the first day, and those spoilers clearly ruin the experience especially for a movie like this where its basically full of surprises.