Opinion on a better Superman

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With people's opinions recently changing on what kind of superhero they want to see on the big screen. What do you think about the DCU Superman who is coming in 2025? Should he be more funny, or a little dark and serious?


Galactus 2 mo 4 d
Opinion on a better Superman
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We need a bit more of Clark. That will automatically make it a brighter movie. We don't need a 'dark' Superman movie, we got Batman for that.
Have him save a cat, stop a runnaway train, save an airplane from crashing, etc. Set the first movie up for a second movie that has more powerful things to deal with.
Jakcj 2 mo 7 d
Opinion on a better Superman
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I'm not sure where you get dark and serious because Superman is about a person who helps others and the S on his chest stands for hope.
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Opinion on a better Superman
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The BvS movie had him pretty much serious superman which people even liked better
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