Movies you are upset about

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Have any movies that have come out or have been out recently really disappointed you


BlotskyA 3 y 1 mo 29 d
Movies you are upset about
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Avengers Infinity War (I Was Excited and Disappointed me on So Many Different Levels, Everyone's really dumb and making really dumb choices, Poor Fight Scenes, No Hulk, and Obviously the Comedy shouldn't be there)
Endgame (Same as Infinity War, Avengers do Nothing when they had time, etc)
Most of MCU (People complain about CW stuff like the Lian Yu Explosion or How Powerful Damien Darhk was, when MCU Does the Same Thing except even Worse)
Civil War (Avengers shouldn't even been outsmarted by Zemo Considering They Battled Ultron, It's Never Explain how Iron Man left Siberia, The Civil War Storyline was done Bad, Season 6 of Arrow was Done Better)

Yeah There's a Good Reason why I Watch Arrow Season 4 Moree
Taurus 3 y 5 mo 2 d
Movies you are upset about
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1) Endgame (over-hyped to say the least)
2) Justice League (big let down, and I'm a Marvel fan)
3) Infinity War (no Hulk)
4) Black Widow (Endgame/Corona ruined this)
5) Captain Marvel (is like the guy who pushes into every conversation even though he only likes to talk sh*t)

Old Movies V V

6) The Incredible Hulk (incredible let down)
7) The Hulk (let down)
8) Thor the Dark World (ew)
9) Iron Man II (useless)
10) Iron Man III (bad plot)
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Wic23 3 y 6 mo 10 d
Movies you are upset about
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2019-2020 has produced barely anything that should qualify as a movie