Most Powerful Video Game Characters.

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1. Ultron Sigma
He carries some infinity stones
2. Dark Kahn
He is Darkseid and Shao Kahn . He controlled most of the MK and DC universes
He can kill gods . nuff said
4. Kratos
Kills Olympian Hierarchy
5. Bayonetta
Just cause she kills ANGELS AND DEMONS
multi continental
I'd say like
5. Deathwing from World of Warcraft
4. Bayonetta from Bayonetta
3. Dante from DMC
2. Kratos from God of War
1. Asura from Asura's Wrath
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He is an ordinary person yet he is caught in some extraordinary situations without losing his identity as a next neighbourhood guy, despite power far greater than Spider-Man, one of my favorite superheroes I was too annoyed to see as Iron Man's sidekick. He should remain an independent personality with his trademark humour which is so better than Deadpool's despite having been aided by Iron Man due to Tony Stark's truly supernatural intelligence reminiscent of Chuck Norris facts that have annoyed the actor so much that he has filed a lawsuit on a book citing his derisive "facts", just like Iron Man being a mockery of Batman's genius and abundance of gadgets. But if you deny Cole MacGrath's deserved position as the greatest superhero by accepting his evil InFamous 2 ending, then you should go with your buddy Ezra Miller (Flash) on vacation to find some love for both of you. You know where to look for, right?
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Message to TheNemianLion: If you hate the Captain Marvel movie just like you said and I totally agreed with you, if only you had this common sense on everything else, then you should acknowledge that even if Cole MacGrath is a video game character, he could very well be a comic book one, and the fact that he isn't is merely a coicidence. He is amazing and being a street leveller doesn't mean that he couldn't also be universal (not actually but only with the ridiculous power scaling that many people, including you, use out of (sorry!) ignorance. He started as a street leveller in the early stages of the games and this does not contradict his awesome power, but making it even better while you are watching its progress over the story, which is so great unlike many video games where you only improve combos or some numbers but not actually your style of play. He is my favorite superhero and why not be, as I love many Marvel and DC characters but none has the variery of his abilities, his realistic character that is actually relatable, something rare in many godlike heroes or villains, and a story which is neither dramatic or tragic nor it is too glamorous or funny, but an even balance of all the former. He is not insane but he is also not heroic like another Mary Sue.
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If you studied every superpower that Cole MacGrath used only in his EVIL karma, since it was supposed to be canon in an awesome potential InFamous 3 game that was replaced with the Second Son garbage due to developers watching the majority of the video game's players preferring the GOOK karma which SUCKED as much as they did, then Cole would be at least stronger than Mister Sinister, Mephisto, Onslaught, Doctor Doom, Wonder Woman and Hulk by Superhero Database's wrong power scaling standards, and potentially even from THANOS! I had created Cole MacGrath before and you filthy scoundrels deleted him even if you keep his ripoff Alex Mercer for a long time as a very strong character. I have also created the Enchantress, an iconic Thor villain who should be in the next Marvel movies instead of Josh Brolin's awful Thanos who does not smile a single time while portraying that iconic character with a trademark sinister laugh, and nerfed her to a 32 which is slightly above Thor's 30, while she should be much higher if it wasn't for your prejudice. Rune King Thor with his disproportional 302 only existed because of Thor's marriage to Enchantress, which was the primary goal of Enchantress that turned her into a villain.
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ManofPower, I only want to fix things, not pretend to be anyone like TheNemianLion and many others of his perspective. So if I suggest to Galactus some characters that should be added to the Superhero Database a long time before Yang Xiao Long, Princess Adora, Alex Mercer or Night King, such as Paibok, Shi'ar Deathbird, Sentinel Bastion, Ryu Hayabusa, Geralt of Rivia and Stephen King supervillain Randall Flagg, why should I not be able to edit them as long as there is no one else to do so? And if movie characters like James Bond, Jason Bourne, Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates and Chuck Norris have stats, then why not Chev Chelios played by Jason Statham from Crank or Machete of Danny Trejo? I just want to be able to edit the characters I suggested as long as there is not a specific classification of their powers. I have also been accused of using real characters as original ones, while everyone from you seems to do it in a much worse way, which is renaming them and labelling them differently from the source material you stole them from, and I only want to improve their stats to be more accurate to the description given to them by their publishers that have property rights enough to sue this website for defamation and confiscate it for use by employees of Marvel, DC, ect.
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1. Cole MacGrath (strong as Onslaught)
2. Asura (strong as Thanos)
3. Dante (strong as Wonder Woman)
4. Kratos (strong as Thor)
5. Ryu Hayabusa (strong as Hulk)
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@AndreasVer With all disrespect intended, you don't know anything about comic books.

Onslaught - Multiversal
Thanos - High Multiversal
Wonder Woman - Multi-Galactic at best, sometimes Universal
Thor - High Multiversal
Base Hulk - Multiversal
The NemianLion "I haven't insulted anyone since I lost my Mod status and then got it back, I'm clean I believe."
Also The NemianLion "With all disrespect intended, you don't know anything about comic books."
Looks like that clean reputation has disappeared huh
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That's not an insult, I tapped him, if you think that's an insult you should see my stuff from a couple months ago.
I guess we have different views/definitions then. But I find that all the time
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With all disrespect intended, TheNemianLion, you should go to a medical institution if you consider the Hulk to be Multiversal, even if his strongest form. The base Hulk is stated to have a 90 ton comparative strength, so everyone who is above 70 tons should also be Multiversal, as Hulk has little more apart from his strength unlike Wonder Woman, Thanos or Thor who extensively use magic and are very skilled in controlling it. Norman Osborn with his Iron Patriot Armor is a 100 tonner (realtively) and he didn't manage to conquer a planet, even if he wanted to so desperately, and even an empowered version of the Hulk, specifically Maestro, also could not dominate a planet even after being severely weakened by a nuclear holocaust. And you say Hulk is Multiversal. No only Onslaught is Multiversal due to his psionic powers, as well as Cole due to his constant evolution over the games (if you choose the Evil karma which is so much more fitting) which made him into a time travelling planet buster called Kessler. But there is another video game character I forgot to mention who is incomparably stronger than all of them and stomps everyone of your heroes real hard: Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania, as he is the chosen one of GOD and beats Satan as easily as he can beat a conventional army of crusaders.
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Even Franklin Richards is not Multiversal, as he only creates pocket universes, which are what they are told to be, smaller than your retarded mind. If you think there is a Multiverse for every Hulk who is a brute just like you, then you should go to a medical institution where you will see how irrational is your perception of this planet, let alone the Multiverse. Cole combines Electro, Venom, Storm, Magneto, Cable, Black Adam and Thor and is much better than decade old superheroes who are ridiculously buffed over the years only to satiate the insanity of people like you, while sane people realise Sentry does not have the power of a million suns just because he said it, delusional by a schizophrenia exactly like yours. But he can still stalemate Galactus with aid from X-Man.
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I agreed with you in the harm that Captain Marvel could cause to the movie franchise if she defeated Thanos by herself, but I already said that the producers probably understand that reality and we will end up with Avengers 4 having a main villain, Thanos, being defeated at the beginning of the film, similarly to Avengers 2 with Baron von Strucker. Iron Man started the franchise, so he should be the one to end a major part of it and set the stage for the future. He wanted to have a baby as Pepper told him that she will soon be unable to get pregnant and Thanos was mocking Iron Man by calling him a great hero of humanity. He showed in Captain America 3 his unability to handle the Avengers in their current state despite his remarkable leadership in Avengers 1 where the team was much smaller (without Spider-Man) and almost sacrificed himself to stop a nuke, although this caused him a post-traumatic stress disorder in Iron Man 3 with a FAKE Mandarin Ben Kingsley while we need a REAL Mandarin and the AIM from Iron Man 3 having MODOK as its leader. We also need Samuel Sterns, Mr. Blue from Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk, as Leader, and a Red Hulk with Skurge from Thor 3 being the pawn of Enchantress instead of Spider-Man being Iron Man's pawn as in Homecoming. Thanos stomping Hulk without infinity stones and terrifying him was perfectly realistic, as with Banner's high intelligence being the only thing keeping Hulk from being another King Kong! I love the Hulk, but as a Banner who handles his mental illness much better than you and keeps him in coordination with teammates that he needs, because he may be the strongest one there is, but not stronger than the strongest one there CAN be within the laws of reality that a lunatic like TheNemianLion cannot understand.
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1. Cole MacGrath
2. Asura
3. Dante
4. Kratos
5. Ryu Hayabusa
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Can you guys make it lile