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You should be able to use normal line breaks.
And urls will be converted to clickable links:
And I've installed a bad word filter.
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Let's test the double line break

Hope this works 😀
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May I test out the bad word filter?
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Sure. Please only as a reply to this comment, so I can easily remove them.
Let me test some as well: **** **** *******....
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Ah s***, this is awesome. Clickable links are going to be so helpful
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Okay, maybe I should type out the full word?
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What does the "check mark" next to someone's name mean?
I could be wrong but I believe Galactus said it's a temporary role to edit characters
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Okay, I'm going to bed. It is f'ing 4 A.M.
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Goodnight sunshine! 😀
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What have I missed over the past week?
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Removed over 3300 battles votes and over 500 teambattle votes from double accounts that I closed.
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@Galactus, I'm sure it is probably low priority but when do you plan on finishing the collection pages? It says they are still in Beta.
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A heads up for anyone who cares, in a few days school is starting back up and I will only be active on the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) just thought I'd let yall know.
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All 'Off-Topic' posts and comments won't show up on the homepage anymore.
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@Kanine88 check your messages.
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I've added 'Blizzard' as a publisher. Could someone please tell me what characters belong to WoW or other Blizzard games? In one comment please.
Yes. Tyrande Whisperwind, Alexstrasza, Elune, C'Thun, Yogg Saron, Ysera, Deathwing, Banshee Queen, Nozdormu, Sargeras. I might have forgot some.
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Soldier: 76, Reaper, Tracer, Mercy, Doomfist, Moira, Junkrat, D.Va, Roadhog, Brigitte, Reinhardt, Torbjörn and Widowmaker are all Blizzard characters.
Lol, I only play World of Warcraft. No problem @Galactus !
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No problem, boss man.
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Two I'm not sure of: Reaper.. is that Gabriel Reyes? And 76 is Soldier 76 I guess?
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Reaper (Gabriel Reyes) and Soldier 76 (Jack Morrison).
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I completely missed that you already wrote 'soldier' 😟 Both are added to Blizzard.
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The Lich King
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New 'member' badges are up!
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I see this ☺
Why not follow the heroes "class" colours for the time ellapsed ?
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It sort of does. I changed the 1 year badge, because it was a bit dull. 2 years is blue, 3 is red, 4 is purple, 5 - 7 are yellow, 8 & 9 are green. 10 is awesome coloured 😀
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OK I was expected the "most", green.
Awesome color is awesome 😊
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I just love when I added characters (over 200 this time) within seconds, images appear! Awesome. Thanks @Lordtracer!
Can I make a second account so I can make another 5 OCs? I have great ideas, and I would use it just to make another 5, since I can't make more than 5 on one account.
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You didnt even wait an answer...
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I just deleted 16 of your (or your brothers) accounts... so NO, you can not.
I already made it, but if I can't delete it and all of its OCs that I made. Btw, I literally just made OCs, nothing else.
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And I already closed it. There's a reason for the limit. I might give users more OCs once I separate them from the other characters better. The OCs are overrunning the website.
I do agree that they are overrunning the website. How will OCs be separated from real characters?
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I haven't figured that out yet.
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Just so Tracer didn't see them and gets aggravated, @Tracer I'm disappointed in you, refrain from repeating your mistakes in the future
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I'm deleting TwoFace's comments, to prevent future flame or misunderstanding.
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Well, that would depend on what variation of the character you're trying to add. If you're trying to add the comic version, no special marks are necessary. If they're from another continuity apart from the comics, then they need to be marked.
@TheNemianLion No problem at all, man; that is completely fine with me. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and taking the initiative to do that; I greatly appreciate it.
@LordTracer All right, thank you very much for the clarification and explanation, pal; I now know for future reference. If I try to submit the original comic version of a character, which is currently absent from the Database, then there should be no reason that such a character would be disapproved. Thank you, again, for everything; it is truly appreciated.
Hey bro . Submit the characters back on and I'll approve them ok . I don't like that your hating on one of my friends
@ManofPower I am not hating on anyone, at all; if anyone is being hated on here, it is me and I hope that @Galactus can correct what is happening and prevent this abuse of power and privileges. Also, I am not sure why you reported my comments, which detail my experience of being marginalized and my characters automatically being nullified and disapproved, just because someone shows disdain towards me.
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My history is "F**k Batman," because of the Titans TV show trailer, and I found it entertaining. There is no problem with that. I have no problems with you personally, I would like that you stop assuming that I do.
I didn't report your comments bro
Listen bro I'm sorry if I was this wrong. But just because someone disapproves a character doesn't call for something like this . Just ask me or another mod to approve your Character before @Tra cer does Ok
@ManofPower I apologize for the misunderstanding; I thought you did report my earlier comments. And thank you, I am sure that we can figure everything out, handle it professionally, and correct everything, between all of us.
@ManofPower I am truly proud to be a member of this Database and the type of community that we have been able to create for ourselves here; it is a great opportunity to have such a community to access, right at our fingertips.
It's alright bro. I'm sorry for misunderstanding this . I'm normally like that😂
@ManofPower Sure man, it is not a problem; that's completely fine and don't worry about it, at all. Thank you for understanding, help, and guidance; I greatly appreciate it.
@Twoface @Lordtracer to me yeah it's true I don't like him being a Mod but the thing is I can't do anything about it and so can't you we just have to face it.
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Most of the characters you were attempting to add were either from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and not properly marked as such, or were nonsensical such as Crocodile Man. That is why I dissaproved them. Properly mark your characters, and I will have no problems approving them.
@LordTracer Actually, none of the characters that I submitted for approval and inclusion in the Database were "nonsencial." Also, I did not ever submit any character to the Database named, "Crocodile Man." Additionally, while some of the characters that I submitted for approval and inclusion in the Database were from the Batman: The Brave and the Bold television series, all of these characters may be found within the original Batman comics, as well. And all right, if I were to resubmit the characters to the Database, how exactly would you suggest that I "properly mark" them? Yes, the characters may be found in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold television series, but they are also characters in DC's original Batman comics... I also am very glad to hear that you have no problems with me, personally; I have no bias towards you, either... It is just disheartening to have all of my submitted characters quickly nullified and disapproved by one person, for reasons that were unbeknownst to me, at the time.
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To properly mark the character, you should write their alias/super name in the place provided, but afterwards put (The Brave and the Bold), (DCAU), or (BAT😎 to indicate that they belong to that continuity.
Yeah I know one thing about him I think he always the person who reports my messages sometimes.
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Okay, for some reason it replaced what I wrote with an emoji. But you get what I mean, right?
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Dude, I have never reported any of your comments. I only report when someone is being unbelievably vulgar or disrespectful.
I believe the person who reports comments all the time is the Newbies . They don't know what is going on at all
@LordTracer Yes, I understand what you are trying to say; however, there were a plethora of characters that I submitted, who belong to and can be found in various comic entities/types of media (comics, television, movies, etc.), such as False Face. How would you "properly mark" these characters? By including multiple sets of parentheses behind the Super Name, to include all of the types of medium that the character appears in? As there are many approved characters, on this Database, who appear in a wide variety of types of medium and have just one set of parentheses, or no such parentheses, behind their respective Super Names...
***"types of mediums"
Hello @Shp0Inker . Welcome to Superhero Database . I hope you will have fun on this site and remember . If you have any questions just ask us and we'll tell you😀
@Galactus what inspired you to make this site? This site has grown up to be something amazing and I'll like to thank you for making it .
Thanks for mod status
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The main reason was that I couldn't compare characters from different publishers anywhere on the web. So I created it myself. And to this day I haven't found any other website that can do this.
Well that's cool . If not even Comic vine is this well thought of
Are you the real Mighty Raccoon?
Hey @IMABAMAN42 how are you today
I'm good, how about you?
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also manofmods (power)
im gonna make an oc but because idk how to make aphoto im gonna make with lego
but he is real sized if i make him i will see if i i can join the varosverse
Of you want @Jon i could make the photo for you bro
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ok i will look to it
Can someone help !e with using my mod status .
What can a moderator actually do that a User cannot
From what I've seen, delete comments, add variations, type in the mods only forum (lol), and I guess that's it.
Thanks @IMAMOD42😂
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things a mod can do
if you add a carachter it is aprroved
you can edit 3 carachters
set carachter vsriations
delete comments
give profilre photos
add images to Locations
You can also connect characters to Objects.
hope this helps
How do I set characters variations?
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Moderators can set character variations. How does it work:
Go to a variation of a character. And right below the name/class section is an option to choose the 'default' version of that character. Hit 'set' and your done.
The list of variations is filtered by publisher.
@Galactus, have you thought more about the Patron Page?
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No, not really. I just don't know what people should get out of their payment. Only thing I can think of is extra OCs. And some bragging badge thingy.
Anyone have ideas about this?
Maybe you could give them a status "Patron", they could get more OC's, give them the ability to edit some characters, etc, all depending on the amount they donate. Or you don't have to give them anything, lol.
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What?! I leave for 2 hours, and everybody get's moderator status?
Good job guys.
@Soul thank you .
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@Galactus just to say you @Marten is my cousin and sometimes he is in my home and login to SHDb its not other account then i use 😁
Holy crap I can't believe it, I'm literally spasing out of happiness right now, thanks @Galactus!
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Take a deep breath....exhale slowly..... There, better?
@Galactus is a very Generous person @Imabatman42 so he'd even give a Mod to anyone no matter what age you are if you are doing the right things.
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@Galactus or any moderator, when you are editing a character, how do you decide how much power a character has, not the number at the top, but the power stat itself?
Will you guys upvote 'ShadowHawk'. @Galactus anyway I could edit him? He's my all time favorite comic book character.
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i have not talked to you for a while how is everything
2+ years member.
Good. How about you?
Hello @Galactus how are you?
2+ years member.
That's sad, no reply. Lol
@Galactus I recently marked Astrala on "delete status" and today I changed her to Marquess (another OC). Can you, please, not delete her? I solved the problem I was having with her. Thanks! 😁
Cool, you make money off of SHDb too, right? Because I was thinking that, to support the site, you could open up a patron (or patreon I'm not really sure) that way you could make more money from the site, and have more time to preform updates, interact with the community, etc. What do you think?
10+ years member.
If you take all the time I spend on this website into account, I'm not making any money at all, even at minimum wage 😉 But it's a hobby, so yes, it brings in a little money. But making more money doesn't get me more time to work on the website, though. Unless it's enough to quit my job.
Something like Patreon is something to think about. But what could I give in return of the monthly fee? And how much could I ask for it? Any ideas?
Everyone that's willing could donate 5-100 dollars a month, though I'm not sure if you pay all at once or monthly (I don't know much about it, just that YouTubers ask for money on it, lol), but I know that you could select the amount you pay. Also, I think a YouTube channel for SHDb would be good also, you could advertise the website, along with that you can also make videos teaching people how to use the site, but it would be a lot of work for you making the videos, so maybe you could let a few mods do it? (Plus if your videos get monetized, you could make money off of that too)
@Galactus, just wondering, but what do you do when you're not on this site?
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I'm at my job as a graphic designer 40 hours a week. Watching some movies, playing games. Working on the SHDb app. Spending time with my girlfriend.
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A little breakdown of the top 25 'publishers' in the db. The SHDb OCs made it to the third place!
1671 Marvel Comics
1191 DC Comics
575 Superhero Database
161 George Lucas
150 Shueisha
82 Capcom
60 Dark Horse Comics
59 Image Comics
49 J. R. R. Tolkien
48 Hasbro
45 Disney
43 Nintendo
42 Universal Studios
39 IDW Publishing
38 Wildstorm
35 Sega
35 Mortal Kombat
34 Amalgam Comics
29 J. K. Rowling
28 Dreamworks
26 Star Trek
24 George R. R. Martin
21 NBC - Heroes
19 SyFy
16 Icon Comics
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The website just hit the '5000 characters'-mark! How shall we celebrate?
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No no no, we are all grown ups here so the obvious choice should be an ice cream party with all imaginable toppings from rainbow sprinkles to gummy worms
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Daywing approves the rainbow sprinkles!
Tomorrow's the day.
😭😭 Well mate it's been really fun. I can't wait and good luck with the movie!
Indeed I will be on Discord time to time so you can DM me there though Hawkinz. I won't be on it as actively as I usually am.
Well I'll be shooting you a message sometimes, have fun mate!
December to January right? 😨
@TheNemainLion what is the Name of your YouTube channel
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TheLion'sDen! Subscribe now! 😁
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Face reveal *question mark*
Nemian already has a face reveal lol -
Ok, the best thing in the world, don't @ me, is washing, drying, and then putting blankets on top of you. Ok so it may not make sense but OMAGAWD it's amazing, so you just washed it so it smells awesome, if you put fabric softener it's even better, then you dry it, then it's warm and it smells good and OMAGAWD
Alright I cannot stay up no more ..😴😴😴 ... Good Night/Morning/Afternoon y'all
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galactus why dont make an editor role
10+ years member.
Because I have to build some functionality for that first.
Hello @Galactus how are you today ?
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I'm great. Actually at work...ssssshhh How are you?
Tired 😂 been at work all day .
It's 6:00 AM here in america 😂
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Why does 8th Day Juggernaut keep getting disapproved? There is like 15 Thor's (RKT, Thor with all his powers, Thor Odin force, etc.), every Batman character variation to exist, and a different Superman for each comic ever it feels like and literally every Hulk ever and a lot of those characters I'm talking about only made a one time appearance. So why can't there be just 1 more Juggernaut?
10+ years member.
Put him in like: Juggernaut (8th Day) and I'll approve him 😉
2+ years member.
Okay I will, thank you.
10+ years member.
He's approved. I'll add all approved characters to the db tonight.
1+ years member.
are going to update the caracthers on the request update list today
10+ years member.
I have no time to do updates today. Will do a few tomorrow.
1+ years member.
Lol new General 😁 nicee
10+ years member.
I'm off. Will be back in a few hours.
It'll be 3 in the morning then but I will try my best to stay up lol
1+ years member.
update some carachters when youre back
1+ years member.
Me too. I have to drink the apéritif.
That reminds me you did not tell how your week-end trip to France was @Galactus
Its some weeks ago now and I forgot to ask 😅
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I post again since the previous forum has been closed.
In an ad of the site... which is an ad for the site 😅 I identified all the characters except one... resolution is bad but you may find who is this character
1+ years member.
that i superboy prime but his old prhofile photo
10+ years member.
@jongensoden is correct:
1+ years member.
Ah ok thx guys. I did think at first that was a Cyborg Sup pic but you are wright.
I can sleep peacefully now 😀😆
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Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Dr Octopuss, Lizard, Dormmamu, Dr Strange and a lot more, just passed away last week 😯
He must be a legend (idk who he really is)
RIP old friend . You gave us some of the best heroes and villains ever 😢
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How do I send a private comment? I remember it was available at some point, but I'm not sure if @Galactus removed that feature.
1+ years member.
He removed it because it wasn't working properly.
Thanks for proving my point Soul! LoL WoW! You don't read comics! Reread "The Utensil Skirmish #9". You really don't remember Fork clearly one-stabbing him easily? Fork>>Knife>>>>Spoon. Don't ever @ me again!
2+ years member.
@Hawkinz, while he did that you are completely forgetting the fact that Spoon just finished defeating a bowl of Captain Crunch, who is high Carbohydrate level and that Fork just finished getting a dirt and grim removal power-up from Mr. Clean and his legion of scrubbing bubbles, during the Sponge Point Paradox!
Spoon and fork are friends though
I told you to never @ me again about this debate. Sponge Point Paradox? You're actually going to bring that up but not mention that Fork held back and in the very end Spoon THOUGHT he was victorious. Boy was he wrong, I mean you remember right? Fork laughed and beat him even after a long battle with Knife. Therefore proving that Fork has never lost to Spoon. He actually defeated Spoon after defeating Knife (high-multivers btw) and didn't even lose a tiny bit of metal. But you'll ignore these facts and bring up the Spork battle won't you? How predictable...
Does Fork and Spoon have their allies
Plate and Bowl?
2+ years member.
@Hawkinz, @Hawkinz, @Hawkinz, Adventures of Super Bread #28408581, and you can't keep a consistant argument, first you say he one stabbed Spoon, but that it was a long battle, HA! You are a SOB and a liar. You still neglected the fact Mr. Clean gave him a POWER BOOST, you only read what you want, you FFB! And were is your evidence that he was holding back? He was clearly beginning to get smudges all over his handle, in the immortal words of SirSpidey "Prove it".
But @Soul your not understanding . In issue 4 of Dishwasher wars Fork clearly outlasted Spoon in the Dishwasher of death
LoL in The Utensil Skirmish he one stabbed him. In Sponge Point Paradox he was holding back because he knew of Spoon's potential but didn't want to break it to him that he couldn't take on a being like Fork. Mr Clean power boost was actually the other way around. Fork gave him the power boost in order to defeat Captain Crunch (Issue #791 if you're wondering). Smudges?! SMUDGES! Lol that's minuscule compared to the battered and milk ridden marks left on Spoon. You call me a "FFB". I think you need to come to the realization that you are a Spoon Fan Boy! Again according to the official Utensil Comics webpage it is stated that: Fork>>Knife>>>>Spoon. I'm surprised you didn't bring up the petty Crisis on Pots & Pants Countertops.
Doom Plate and Bowl are no comparison to Fork.
2+ years member.
And you are forgetting that Dishwasher Wars was retconed! And that Fork became furious when Spoon bested him during the Infinity Drawer saga, Fork stayed inside the microwave so he could blow up the entire kitchen.
Again Soul. Infinity Drawer saga, Fork held back because he didn't want to ruin Spoon's full potential.
What about the War of Dawn vs Mrs Meyers . That for a fact is canon. Fork faced The Butter knife and Copper pan . Which Spoon couldn't even beat Copper pan
2+ years member.
Oh wow! Fork and Mr. Clean needed to work together to defeat Captain Crunch, well guess what in The Adventures of Spoon and Pizza Cutter #29487, Spoon defeated both Captain Crunch and Tony The Tiger one after the other, with the same milk in the bowl.
Even the creator of Utensil Comics, Pan Lee, said that Fork would one stab him if he was going all out clearly like in the last issue of Utensil Skirmish. But go ahead and call me a FFB you poor soul.
Damn it Hawkinz, 'Pan Lee' got me. 😂
2+ years member.
Pan Lee does crack you know that, yester day he said that Paper Towel Roll could one wipe The Lunch Lady with the Golden Oven Mitt in her possession, get out of here with that bull.
What about Ajax Kirby ? He also Said Fork>>>Knife>>>>>>>Spoon
Ajax Kirby is a legend
Soul this may be the debate that ruins our friendship. Pan Lee wasn't on any drugs whenever he said Fork would defeat Spoon any time anywhere.
2+ years member.
@ManOfPower, you know damn well Ajax Kirby now works for PC comics writing issues for Motherboard and Mouse Pad!
Admit it @Soul ! You can't defeat @Hawkins and I . We know too much about the utensils comics
If Fork, Spoon and Knife were on the site this would be their power levels
Fork - 55
Knife - 50
Spoon - 41
Soul please tell me you know in PC Comics that Motherboard > Mouse Pad? Please tell me you know this right? Then it would be Monitor > Motherboard.
1+ years member.
Spork - 120
Spife - 132
Knork - 150
Splayde - 300
2+ years member.
Oh, and looked up everything you guys were bullshitting about, and guess what? That was Spoork who fought Spoon you FOOLS! Fork is still locked inside of the cabinet and has been there since 1873.
That isn't canon you looked up the wrong information my fri- or should I say my former friend.
2+ years member.
HA! You just proved neither of you can prove me wrong and you result to calling me a fan boy, when you two have not given any evidence to your claims, just a bunch of ridiculous statements. My homeboy Harlan proves why Spoons are superior by destroying this Fork Fan Boy.
2+ years member.
16 and already being quoted. Life accomplishment
10+ years member.
A general note: When you put comments in the wrong place, I'll just delete them. I don't feel like moving all those comments every time.
2+ years member.
Should have been called "General Conversations The Sequel".
For k vs Spoon !!!! The biggest debate of the eons
Thank you @Galactus