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Galactus needs our help

Created by Heep, 2 y 3 mo 30 d ago.

Galactus will have a lot of work with the renaming of the OC being not OC. He did say that he would rename them ridiculously. Please help by submitting laughable hero names. No sex, insults or something really bad. Just laughable.


BlotskyA 11 mo 23 d
Galactus needs our help
1 year member
@Galactus I Need your Help. @Dark_Wing Send a DOC about me saying about pills and bunch of that Bullcrap and having a Beef With @EmptyHand on my OC Dark Infinity please @Galactus I Need your help. PLEASE. Also make sure to tell them DO NOT CREATE ANY DARK INFINITY FIGHT. I Don't even want any Apologizes From Both guys. Please @Galactus I Need your help and I Would help you
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EmptyHand 11 mo 23 d
Galactus needs our help
1 year member
When you run to the owner just because of people debunking your shitty oc, crying like a b*tch, don't want to create fights? Why? Cause we DEBUNKED your character