Favourite SCP- Character.

Created by Jonas, 1 y 4 mo 19 d ago.

comments who is the only Favorite SCP- character.


Hesperus 5 mo 20 d
Favourite SCP- Character.
30 months member
none. but the only thing I can say is that it is my favorite is SCP-999/The Tickle Monster (SCP-Foundation)
Delinquent 11 mo 1 d
Favourite SCP- Character.
17 months member
I like SCP-682 and SCP-1875 - Chess Automaton
mephisto 1 y 3 mo 28 d
Favourite SCP- Character.
17 months member
Ok. my favourite is SCP-001 - Database, this SCP is supreme being of SCP-Mythos,

SCP-001 (Swann's proposal) Has perfect control over the SCP reality, transcending beings such as the its avatars, Mary Nakayama, The All-Mighty, The Scarlet King, The Hanged King, Yaldabaoth, and Mekhane, Yesod with Faces, The Tree of Knowledge, The Library, The Brothers Death, He-Who-Made-Dark and He-Who-Made-Light, ALEXYLVA, and The High Elder Gods and viewing them, and the multiverse as a whole, as nothing more than a work of fiction. If it dies it would cause the total metaphysical annihilation of the multiverse. The SCP reality is described as being comprised of narratives stacked on top of each other, with the total number of stacked narratives possibly going on forever, with no beginning or end) SCP-001 (Database) The True Authors represent a truer form of the writers of the SCP Foundation, being unaffected even by articles detailing pataphysical interactions with SCP-001. While the relations with the True Authors and the higher narrative levels existing above basic SCP-001 entities has not been directly confirmed, due to the fact that the True Authors having created pataphysical interactions with SCP-001 and them being unaffected by entities affecting higher levels of the narrative stack like SCP-3812, it is likely that they have created the entire pataphysical model of reality, transcending the infinite layers of authors writing fiction.