Doctor Fate is the most powerful SUPERhero. Prove me wrong.

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Superhero as in regular, all time superhero, not someone like Spectre, Phantom Stranger, Michael Demiurgos and similar.


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So you say Doctor Fate is the most powerful superhero, and say he's still leagues above Fate? Impressive.
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*And say he's still leagues above witch?
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I can't talk today so forget about it
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Immortal Hulk, Odin Force Thor, Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers, all would defeat Fate, prove me wrong.
No version of hulk is stronger than dr fate
You know how this hurts me, Nemian... 😟
Scarlet Witch with FULL control of her power will and can defeat Fate. Hope Summmers can defeat him, if she copies her powers or has access to the Phoenix Force (White Phoenix). Odin Force Thor is still below Fate, due to lack of feats. What are some notable feats on Immortal Hulk, I forgot?
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@Darkwing thanks for not proving a single claim son, base Hulk tore about an infinite amount of dimensions when fighting Ironclad, when have Doctor Fate tore apart an infinite number of dimensions?

Immortal Hulk gave modern Thor, a version of Thor FAR more powerful than the Thor pre 2018, a concussion just from punching him once, Thor pre 2018 is Low Multiversal so it's safe to say Immortal Hulk is far beyond Low Multiversal.

Odin Force Thor is basically Odin + Thor.

Immortal Hulk one punched a stronger Thor, he shook off two Thor level beings like they were NOTHING (Herc and Jane) he's beaten a whole Avengers team, including modern She Hulk and Thor.
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While all of that is impressive, Doctor Fate is still above it. I mean, Lords of Order are stated to be multiversal beings "with no beginning and with no end", implying their existence beyond the concept of time, and Nabu has been implied three times to be the most powerful Lord of Order. Not only that, he was able to tore open a rift to 6th dimension, even ABOVE Mr. Mxy, who was able to casually toy with the Spectre and constantly trolls Superman, who's more often than not, on the level of Hulk, just slightly inferior. And Fate was able to fight off the Spectre for SIX whole pages, I don't see Odin Force Thor doing that. Immortal Hulk might be able to deal some damage, but he can't really destroy Fate with punches, he needs hax.
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Broseph, being Multiversal is nothing special, Hulk in his base form, is Multiversal, he was clapping away entire cosmos' filled with universes of the Darkcrawler, and he was destroying the Nightmare Realm and the Dark Dimension, that was a standard Hulk, IMMORTAL HULK is strong enough to shrug off Thor level attacks like they aren't even noticeable, he's High Multiversal broseph, there ain't anything Fate could do to kill Hulk, Hulk always comes back as he takes life force from the Dark Dimension.

Hulk also potentially one shots, High Multiversal is SO MUCH MORE powerful than 3 times Multiversal, he also has a healing factor, Fate doesn't, Hulk also is faster than Thor, who fights Silver Surfer and wins EVERY TIME! So Fate ain't on his level, Fate's hacks are Hulk's biggest problem, but Fate isn't no Scarlet Witch, and even then that's still an incredibly close fight and the winner is down to interpretation.
Bae, I'm not denying that Immortal Hulk is strong enough to shrug off Thor and stuff, but Fate is waaay too haxy, and even though I'm not sure about him (Hulk) being high multiversal, Nabu is even above that, so I don't know how does he compare, since by the definition, Fate/Nabu would be above him by an infinite amount due to his scaling of 6d beings.

Woah, Fate's velocity is on divine level. He's very, very fast, all I can say. Fate I'm using is complex multiversal, if we use that scaling, he's 6D at the very least, and if we take the fight with Spectre as a feat, he would be even above that.
@Dark_wing World breaker hulk would stomp Dr fate
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Doctor Fate easily beats WB Hulk...
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Immortal Hulk can't beat Fate. Everyone else, I can see...
Why arnt cosmic beings aloud?
Franklin Richards was able to defeat Celestials .
Thor was able to harm a hungry Galactus
Hulk was able to destroy a dimension
Orion contributed as 1/5 of the power to destroy a universe and harm a omnipotent being
Etrigan contributed 1/5 of the power t destroy a universe and harm a omnipotent being
The Flash destroyed the Anti-Monitor
Raven was able to trap Trigon
Shazam faced The Spectre who destroyed Fate
Green Lantern and Sinestro defeated Krona
Fate can defeat Celestials too.
Hah! Thor is an ant. Fate can beat Galactus too, mid difficulty.
Fate was able to fight Spectre.
Orion would be fodder to Fate.
Etrigan would be fodder to Fate.
That's PIS, and Flash is already inferior to Fate.
That's PIS, but even then, Fate would be above to beat Raven.
Spectre never destroyed Fate, and all Shazam did was get one-shotted.
That's still fodder to Fate.
@Mop in what storyline did the flash destroy the anti-monitor?
Darkseid, specte, galactus, Franklin Richards, Rune King Thor as well as I'd say Jean grey is on par with him

If you take the helmet off Jar Jar Binks could beat him
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Doctor Fate without the helmet is still strong, but not enough to contend with like Superman or Thor. As for everyone else you listed, I agree, they are more powerful (except for Jean Grey); however, @soratoumiga said no cosmic entities.
Which ones are cosmic entities
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All of them except for Jean Grey and MAYBE Franklin.
Guess what Fate is a cosmic being

But Okay how do I know what characters are cosmic beings
None of those beings, excluding Spectre is above Doctor Fate.
Darkseid and RKT get one-shotted. Jean w/ Phoenix is a threat, but still not enough. Franklin is also not enough, and neither is Galactus due to their "only" universal+ feats.
Doctor Fate even without the helmet, is above Thor and Superman.
@sora how powerful (in your opinion) is fate without helmet
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Doctor Fate without the helmet is just Zatara, he's nothing special, certainly not above Hulk and Thor.
Without the helmet he was still battling multiversal opponents.
Ynar and Vandaemon.
Okay I don't know who those 2 are but Kent knows as well everyone always wear your helmet when your either Skateboarding or fighting intergalactic beings
Lol, yeah, well 98% of the time, he wears his helmet.
I used to not believe in helmets but fate proved me wrong
@dark_wing why is (Rune king Thor) censored??
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Rune King Thor, Galactus, and Franklin Richards beat Fate...
None of them would take the majority, so no....
@Akhil GALACTUS is a villian not a heriy

Lol typos **** me off🤬🤬
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Ahhem, you've got Doctor Strange...
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and Franklin Richards and Starbrand...
Eh, Doctor Strange is not more powerful than composte Pre/Post Crisis Fate I'm using. Neither is Franklin Richards.
The most powerful superhero is deadpool from his (Deadpool kills marvel universe) storyline. He kills everything, and even threatened the writer of the comic
That was a parody storyline and Deadpool used his all powerful 4th wall breaking abilities and Toon Force to do that. It's not really raw destructive capability.
Yah but it makes sense though that he would be above the rest
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Spectre is the most powerful superhero
Well, I said a superhero, and have specified I don't count Spectre, Phantom Stranger and similar anti-heroes, so you're right and wrong at the same time.
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Yes, sorry didn't see the description. Do you consider Franklin Richards or Dr Manhattan in the same category as Spectre?
Manhattan is in the same category as Spectre, but Franklin isn't.
Keep in mind that this doesn't mean he's more powerful than special versions of some superheroes. For example, he isn't more powerful than peak Scarlet Witch or Hercules.

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