Comic Characters that will never get a movie

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List Comic Character that you think will never get a movie.


I'd say Nova for one which makes me sad, the nova Core has been used as a Side Piece so much now and been decimated we probably won't see a Richard movie anytime soon
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I think 99% won't get a movie. There are just so many characters.
(Agreed) 8,500 marvel characters
11,000 dc characters to many to give a movie to.
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The Scaret Witch. She is just too much of a... of a b***h, to say the least.
Scarlet witch*
She has already been in movies lmao
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*Should we tell him she's getting a TV Show?*
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*Should we tell him that TV Shows and Movies are two completely different things?*
A ***** who soloed your favourite superhero, to say the least.
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Ehh, she couldn't even phase the mind controlled Thor.
Lol, he still thinks Thor is more powerful than SW, after being proven wrong numerous times.
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You have been debunked on that everytime.
Got comic book issues or are you speaking out of your ass?
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Don't speak until you can prove anything you say fact.
According to what evidence?
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According to you being a mere Knight.
So no evidence? Run away little boy.
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Don't speak until you officially debate me.
Thanks for proving to us that you're incapable of proving your argument fact. Try again, little boy.
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What did I say, knight? Obey your elders.
This is why you'll never beat me or any high tier debater in a debate...
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I've already done that many times, try again.
No, you didn't. I've stomped you. About 5 other SHDB members have stomped you on Discord. Even users who randomly joined have proven you wrong. You're not on "God" level on debating scale. Get over yourself please.
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Looks like someone is mad that she is a Knight.
Looks like someone's mad it's a Borderline Troll.
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Enough with this sh1t! Thor is stronger than Scarlet Witch but they are both weaker than Superman, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel (Billy Batson), Black Adam, Lobo, Silver Surfer, Apocalypse, Mephisto, Count Nefaria, Onslaught and Thanos. Period!
@Andreasver Wanda>Thor any day a tha week
Wanda stomps Thor. Doesn't notice.
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Blue Marvel
Mr Miracle
Wonder Man
Donna Troy
Blue Beatle
Spiderman 2099
Empty hand unless the world gets improved minds
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Cole MacGrath, Devil May Cry Dante, Master Chief, Warcraft Alexandros Mograine, Yugi Muto, Wonder Man, She-Hulk, Doc Samson, Marvel Hercules, MacGargan as Venom, Big Barda, Grail, Trigon, Lobo, Brainiac
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lobo brainiac she hulk will get in a movie