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Color Themed Battle Tournament

Created by AkhilPDX, 1 y 11 mo 4 d ago.

Make a six-character team, however, you must choose a color and only pick heroes who wear the main color or have some connection to that color. There will be two sections for each color so for example, two people can pick red. I remember a tournament like this happening in the earlier days of SHDB, but trying this with newer members also sounded fun. How this will work out is that once you have your team, I'll make the battles and link them here. Vote for a team and try to be active in the comment section of that battle (you know, debate and discuss the battle). Only rule to this is that you must have BALANCED teams. You can't look up the six most overpowered characters in all of fiction and place them on that team. Right now, the cap to these teams is around high skyfather level, but I'll adjust it based on teams. Have some street-tier characters on it.... maybe some characters who are good at strategizing.