Are there Artists on the site who are willing to sketch OCs for other members?

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I am working on a character, and I know I can search the internet for a picture that may be good enough, but I want a hand in the creation of the character's costume. I know that there are several people here who are fond of these types of characters, so it would surprise me if no one knew how to sketch one. I am not looking for a professional colored image. Since I do not intend to pay, I expect to get a pencil sketch. I would be willing to pay a few bucks for such a professional image if there is an artist capable of producing such a thing though.
Long story short... is there any artists on this forum who may be able to accommodate such a request?


This is what i see in my mind's eye, but as you guys are the artist, you have license to change what you think looks good. After all, her agent may suggest all sorts of costume changes, or during her training, she may get over her body images issues. Basically, take this a guidelines, not gospel. Thank you again for anything you may chose to do.
Tia is small. Above all else, that should be remembered. Physically she has smooth pale skin, with bright red hair, she uses her telekinesis to control in a flowing pattern behind her; as if she were in water. The stuff gets frizzy otherwise. She flies basically everywhere. Not out of laziness, but because she likes to hold herself up to normal height, so any image of her, will be her flying. She is thin and athletic, not a barbie doll. She is toned, but not super muscular. She is very happy with herself that she got abs though, so she would show off her midriff. Her shoulders are her widest part. She lies to herself, thinking she has a B cup bust, but honestly, she would be lucky to be a full A, and she tries to turn her non-existent ass away from cameras. Tia wants to be seen as feminine, because of her pretty glaring lack of primary sexual characteristics, so her costume is sexier than most female heroes might go for.
Starting from the bottom, she basically always has heels on... no surprise. She isn't going to be walking, so no worry of them getting in the way. She would have knee high boots of some kind, and some sort of thigh high legging, guarder straps and all. This would be capped with a thigh length skirt and open midriff. Yes this would give basically everyone beneath her a free show, but since most supers were spandex swimsuits anyway, its not like they are seeing her panties or anything. Her top would be more traditional, as it would be some form of tight fitting number that started at the bottom of her sternum and covered everything above that but her jaw. This would extend down to her hands as well. her incredibly red hair might be too much of a giveaway about her identity, so she would cover that under a cowl of some sort.
Oh and every single stitch of clothing she wears would be white. She LOVES white as she thinks it really the only color you can be sure is clean. She is a SUPER neat freak.
Thank you very much for your interest. I recognize it can be scary to get your work out there. If you are willing, i will post a full physical description here, so you can decide if you want to or not.

Are we able to send PMs? (Private Messages)
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Sure, send me what you want and I got you fam

is the stuff I'm capable of, fam. 😀
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When i say what you want is a short description of your character's appearance, sorry if I was unclear
I can't click the link you sent. It says that there is no destination there.
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Links are buggy but try the last one I sent. 😀
You are a hell of a lot better than I am. I like your 3D art near the bottom. That looks hard. What program do you use for that?
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Just iPiccy, a poor mans photoshop
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Sure, I could give it a shot. But I want you to know that I'm still enhancing my artistic abilities, so please don't expect it to be picture perfect. Okay?

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