Are there any mutants that hate mutants?

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Are there any mutant villians who try to eliminate the mutant race because they hate it? Kinda like Amon in Avatar Korra. I'm pretty sure there are bit I can't think of any.


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Mister Sinister (aka Nathaniel Essex) who is a fake mutant. Also Namor, who hates surface dwellers, so every mutant other than himself, who identifies himself as an Atlantean instead of a mutant. Don't forget Thanos who is a Skrull mutant too, alongside Deathbird of the Shi'ar who is a mutant with wings of a bird who hates X-Men.
Scarlet Witch wiped out mutant race, so I guess she kind of counts, even though she's not a real villain.
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I guess Onslaught?