According to the Captain Marvel and (vs) Wonder Woman movie, who will win in a battle?

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1. Who would will in a death battle?
2. who would win at their top power?
3. who would win at their least power?
1. battle take place on earth
2. take place in space
3. takes place in an ocean
do not say nothing can penetrate wonder woman skin, cause in the movie something actually does and its a bullet. you can re-watch the movie to see for your self.



Death Battle: Diana stomps
At the peaks of their power: captain marvel wins (she could keep a distance with her lasers)
At their weakest: Wonder Woman win (more skilled)
On earth: Diana wins (almost every advantage other than range)
In space: correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I know in the movies Wonder Woman have the ability to breath in space therefore Carol wins
In the ocean: we don't know how well either will fair so I call It a drawl
But neither of those points speak to the feat that Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel have? Smh, Captain Marvel wins in my opinion cause I don't know if Wonder Woman would be able to keep up with her and those gauntlets could only do so much blocking before finally being hit.
Wonder Woman in all those things because she's a demi-goddess, and Captain Marvel is trained by the Kree who was changed by accident.
I say Wonder Woman, In my opinion.
Ww wins in all scenarios.

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