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I wanna learn more about peoples opinions
Favorite / least favorite movie, video game, Comic book, Comic book hero, comic book villain & youtuber
Least favorite movie: Batman vs Superman
Favorite movie: The Godfather
Least favorite video game: Fallout 76
Favorite: Red dead redemption 2
Least favorite comic book: (Don't have one)
Favorite comic book: Crisis on infinite earths
Least favorite comic book hero: (Don't have one)
Favorite comic book hero: Deadpool
Least favorite comic book villain: (Don't have one)
Favorite comic book villain: Doomsday & Joker
Least favorite youtuber: Jake Paul
Favorite youtuber: Pewdiepie(Sub to him for him to stay #1)


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Favorite Movie: Infinity War, Lion King, Matilda (Order of my top 3: Infinity War is best, Matilda is worst out of the three)
Least Favorite Movie: Cast Away
Favorite Video Game: Minecraft
Favorite Comic Book(s): Injustice, Lucifer, Rebirth Superman, HoM, Immortal Hulk, 2016 Spider-Man...
Least Favorite Comic Book: IDK
Favorite Hero: Spider-Man
Least Favorite Hero: Cabba or Squirrel Girl
Favorite Comic Book Villain: The Joker
Least Favorite Comic Book Villain: Whiplash
Least Favorite Youtuber: Jack AND Logan Paul, or anyone VASTLY addicted to Fortnite without cleansing their soul with something like Minecraft, Injustice 2, TF2, Plants VS Zombies (BETTER than Fortnite), FNAF, Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Far Cry, OR any other GOOD game that isn't the crappy, villainous, Donald Trumpish, ATROCIOUS game called Flirt* I mean ***** I mean FORTnight...
Everything you say about fortnite in there is %1000 true
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fortnite sucks
@Jon fortnite is a disgrace to humanity and reality itself
Favourite movie: Infinity war
Least favourite movie: Batman v Superman
Favourite video game : Tied between many games
Least favourite video game: N/A
Favourite comic: Civil war
Least favourite comic: N/A
Favourite hero: Iron man
Least favourite hero: N/A
Favourite villain: Thanos
Least favourite villain: Whiplash
@Marvel500 can you list a few of your favorite games? 😁
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Favorite Movie - Logan
Least Favorite Movie - N/A
Favorite Video Game - Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2
Least Favorite Video Game - N/A
Favorite Comic - All-New Wolverine
Least Favorite Comic - N/A
Favorite Hero - Hal Jordan
Least Favorite Hero - Guy Gardner
Favorite Villain - Dormammu
Least Favorite Villain - The Joker
Favorite YouTuber - Markiplier
Least Favorite YouTuber - IDK
Favorite Band - Disturbed
Least Favorite Band - IDK
Favorite Song - Indestructible (Disturbed)
Least Favorite Song - IDK
Favorite Actor - IDK
Least Favorite Actor - IDK
Favorite Musician - IDK
Least Favorite Musician - IDK
You have a lot of IDK's in there
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Favourite Movie: Frozen, because it turns people gay
Least Favourite Movie: Idk, don't have one.
Favourite Game: World of Warcarft
Favourite Comic: Lucifer/Sandman
Least Favourite Comic: Anything Thor related AHAHAHAHAHAAH
Favourite Hero: Scarlet Witch
Least Favourite Hero: Thor, ew (unless Base Thor, who is likeable and omnipotent)
Favourite Villain: Dormammu/Darkseid
Least Favourite Villain: Idk
Favourite YouTuber: None
Least Favourite YouTuber: None
Favourite Band: Little Mix, idk if that's a band or a group, if not then Destiny's Child, if not then Spice Girls, if not then Imagine Dragons.
Favourite Song: "Breathin'" by Ariana Grande and "Without You" by Mariah Carey.
Least Favourite Song: Asgardian folk songs
Favorite Actor: I don't have any tbh
Least Favourite Actor: Same as up
Favourite Musician: Taylor Swift/Ariana Grande
Least Favourite Musician: Justin Bieber, ew
I guess u don't use YouTube then. Lol
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I do, but I don't watch YouTubers.
Lol frozen cause it turns people gay xD
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seriuosly you like frozen
Apparently sora does cause it makes people gay xD
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Favorite Movie : The Lion King
Least Favorite Movie : If there ever was a Star Storms movie, but for now... Matilda.
Favorite Game : Minecraft, SWTOR, DCUO and WWE 2k games
Least Favorite Game : Anything that MOP likes other than Injustice and Minecraft
Favorite Comic : Planet Hulk/World War Hulk/Heart Of The Monster/Basically every Hulk series.
Least Favorite Comic : All of the ones ManOfPower wrote
Favorite Hero : The Incredible Hulk
Least Favorite Hero : Captain Marvel
Favorite Villain : Black Adam
Least Favorite Villain : Condiment King
Favorite YouTuber : Logan Paul, Jake Paul, KSI, Deji, T-Series
Least Favorite YouTuber : Pewdiepie
Favorite Band : Toto
Least Favorite Band : Imagine Dragons
Favorite Song : Africa
Least Favorite Song : Believer
Favorite Actor : Chris Hemsworth
Least Favorite Actor : Adam Sandler
Favorite Musician : Eminem/Elton John
Least Favorite Musician : MGK (Massively Gay Kelly)
Surprised by tseries as a fave but ok
Favorite Movie : Avengers, Infinity War or Mama (2013 Horror)
Least Favorite Movie : Batman vs Superman
Favorite Game : Minecraft , Last of Us , Mortal Kombat X or Injustice 1/2
Least Favorite Game : Destiny , Superman 64 or MvC Infinite
Favorite Comic : Darkseid War
Least Favorite Comic : Thor #166, Batman vs Spawn #1, Amalgam Comics
Favorite Hero : The Flash (Barry Allen)
Least Favorite Hero : Squirrel Girl
Favorite Villain : Darkseid
Least Favorite Villain : Ymir
Favorite YouTuber : DanTDM , PopularMMOS or SSundee (Used to be Kootra,Uberhaxornova and TheCreatureHub until they split)
Least Favorite YouTuber : Jake Paul
Favorite Band : Imagine Dragons
Least Favorite Band : Beach Boys
Favorite Song : Believer
Least Favorite Song : Baby, Barbie World
Favorite Actor : Adam Sandler
Least Favorite Actor : Landon Dowlatsingh
Favorite Musician : Eminem
Least Favorite Musician : Justin Bieber
You get a free coockie for putting Jake as ur least favorite
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Least favorite movie: the dark knight
Favorite movie: batman vs superman batman forever
Least favorite video game: Fortnite
Favorite: goat simulator
Least favorite comic book: idk the name but its one of spiderman
Favorite comic book: comics with bane and killermoth
Least favorite comic book hero: iron man
Favorite comic book hero: movies dceu superman comics robin and batgirl
Least favorite comic book villain: doomsday and joker
Favorite comic book villain: bane
Least favorite youtuber: dpvideosnl
Favorite youtuber: knowledge detection
LMAO I agree with everything 😂
Screw my list, yours is %110 accurate

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