5 reasons why everyone on this site should be banned

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@Jon Stop the troll posts.
I think galactus is going to lock this forum
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im gonna make 10 reasons why this site should be banned
Dude, why are you making forums like this?!
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Anyway it isn't true, not everyone deserves a ban
Don't ******* make a forum like this
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just close this it was a test
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1 he cant be banned he is our lord
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1 he is rude
2 he is disrispecctfull
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I have nothing to fear from you... 😈 Compared to me you are nothing... 😈 Empty is my hand! 😈 I don't care what you say... 😈 I dont care what you are... 😈 I will rek you all,,, 😈 😈 Now go die you ******* coward

Also don't use my own script
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that script needs to be banned

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