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Voted: Black Canary

I hate to admit it but she would win she is trained by arrow
Voted: Boba Fett

It'll be a close battle but all he has to do is rocket barrage him to death but if he didn't have time he would lose
Voted: Boba Fett

Boba obviously if you read the books he beats luke skywalker and almost beats darth vader jango couldn't beat mace windew
Voted: Angel Dust

Teenage warhead in the movie has more abilities the one in the movie would win this battle
Voted: Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Negasonic would win colossus wouldn't be able to touch her
Voted: Punisher

Because he has a metal arm and that is all he uses he isn't used to fighting strong opponents
Voted: Colossus

Exactly colossus
Voted: Wolverine

Wolverine has survived decapitation twice and he has been turned into ash and he has regenerated from just a skeleton before
Voted: Batman

Batman he can use a taper gun under water and it would hurt aqua man badly and they've fought before and batman one in the comics
203 days ago
Venom (SONY)
I think it's gonna be amazing

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