Extremely High Level Entities

Created by Necron

Entities which are capable of doing what they want. They have the power to deafet the Immortals and have no weakness.

Abraxas Abraxas
Elaine Belloc Elaine Belloc
Elaine Belloc
Eru Iluvatar Eru
Eru Iluvatar
God Spawn Al Simmons
God Spawn
Life Entity The Life Entity
Life Entity
Man Of Miracles Mother Of Existence
Man Of Miracles
One-Above-All The One-Above-All
SpongeBob (Ruler Of The Sea) SpongeBob
SpongeBob (Ruler Of The Sea)
The Creator Umineko
The Creator
The Fulcrum The Fulcrum
The Fulcrum
The Leviathan Of Stories Leviathan Of Stories
The Leviathan Of Stories
The Lord Of Light R'hllor
The Lord Of Light
The Presence The Presence
The Presence
The Wizard (New 52) Mamaragan
The Wizard (New 52)
The Writer Grant Morrison
The Writer