Execution Division Apprentice

Execution Division Apprentice

Akudama Drive

Execution Division Apprentice's History

A young woman in the Kansai Police Execution Division. She is burning to eliminate Akudama, but there are times when her ambition exceeds her abilities. She looks up to and admires the Execution Division Master.[2]

The Apprentice had been paired with the Master for about two years, and was close to becoming independent. Her mission of pursuing the Akudama who had released the Cutthroat could be considered her last case as an apprentice, but turned out to become a life-changing event.[3] Indeed, while the two of them were wounded and in the hospital in the follow-up of their fight on the Shinkansen, the Master secretely left to fight the Akudama on his own, to eventually die fighting the Brawler. Having searched for him everywhere despite their superior's refusal to help, she arrived too late on the scene only to witness his death. As she stared at her dying master in horror, she was attacked by the Hoodlum who struck her in the eye.

Upon losing her master and receiving an eye injury, she attempts to change her attitude and views with difficulty. Despite refusing to work in a duo again, she is given the responsibility of the Execution Division Junior.