Evil Emperor Zurg

Evil Emperor Zurg

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Evil Emperor Zurg's History

Zurg is the despotic ruler of his own empire, whose resources he uses to wage war on Star Command and the Galactic Alliance, specifically Buzz Lightyear and allies. His minions include the alien Grubs and Brains-In-Jars, the robotic Hornets and variations thereof, as well as the turncoat Space ranger Warp Darkmatter and occasional mercenaries like Torque or Shiv Katall.

The closest Zurg ever came to Galactic domination was when, with intel from Darkmatter, he captured the Uni-Mind which facilitated the LGMs' hive mentality, and corrupted it. The UM was then weaponized and used to enslave the minds of free peoples all over the universe, even aboard the space station headquarters of Star Command. Unfortunately for Zurg, his archenemy Buzz Lightyear, as well as rookie Tanger Mira Nova and Custodial staff Booster Munchapper and XR happened to be off-station, and thus remained uncorrupted. The team snuck onto Planet Z in a last-ditch attempt to save the universe. Buzz was captured and Zurg gloated over his enemies seeming defeat. Lightyear was rescued by his team, who defeated Zurg and Warp Darkmatter in combat before cleansing the Uni-Mind of the Emperor's evil influence. Zurg tried numerous times afterwards to defeat Lightyear and Star Command, but was thwarted at each and every turn.

A persistent rumor throughout the universe was that Zurg was actually Buzz's father. Although, Zurg himself denied it (using it to fake out Buzz before attacking him) it seems that he harbored some sort of fatherly instinct when a long fall down an elevator shaft damaged his memory and turned him good.