Ectoplasm Manipulation

What is Ectoplasm Manipulation?

The power to manipulate ectoplasm. The user can create, shape, and manipulate extra-planar energy unique to spirits and/or ghosts called ectoplasm, a substance that comes from planes beyond the physical as a variable-state form of matter-energy. Because of its unstable, esoteric properties, ectoplasm reacts to normal matter/energy in unusual and useful ways, including being able to ignore most of them. While ectoplasm usually appears as energy beams or balls the user can charge and fire at enemies, its form can range from raw seething energy to a misty vapor, viscous gelatin, a bundle of fine threads, a living membrane, or a fine, fabric-like tissue that can also be solidified and used for material purposes such as creating constructs, weapons, and forcefields. Ectoplasmic Attacks can act as a form of Soul Manipulation which ignore the intangibility that is normally associated with ghosts or spirits and even conventional durability at higher levels. However, these attacks don't harm living beings and if a ghost uses this power, it may cause them to eat away at their own body.

Heroes and villains with Ectoplasm Manipulation

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