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My Contributions

All 9 items Durge1 added to the database.

Name Publisher Added Updated
Soldier 76 Jack MorrisonActivision BlizzardToo long ago...1 y 2 mo 6 d
Reaper Gabriel ReyesActivision BlizzardToo long ago...4 mo 21 d
Bastion The Last BastionToo long ago...Never
Durge DurgeDark Horse ComicsToo long ago...Never
Oryx, the Taken King AurashActivision BlizzardToo long ago...1 y 3 mo 6 h 54 m
Davy Jones Davy JonesDisneyToo long ago...6 mo 27 d
Winston WinstonActivision BlizzardToo long ago...1 y 2 mo 6 d
Mr.Krabs Eugene KrabsToo long ago...3 y 1 mo 27 d
Plankton Sheldon J PlanktonToo long ago...Never