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"You're not going anywhere, except for the afterlife." -Durge "Die, Die, DIE!" Reaper I enjoy fiction, and try to be pretty chill about all of it. Its just for fun, so no need getting worked up over a comic or a game.

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Newspaper ManNorman Paper
The CrusaderAdalard Hagerd

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CarnageCletus Kasady8
Colonel MustangRoy Mustang-
DeadshotFloyd Lawton5
DeathstrokeSlade Joseph Wilson8
Doctor FateKent Nelson16
Edward ElricEdward Elric-
Green LanternHal Jordan14
Iron ManTony Stark14
Iron Man (MCU)Tony Stark-
Killer CrocWaylon Jones4
Killer MothDrury Walker-
Kool-Aid Man2
Moon KnightMarc Spector 4
ReaperGabriel Reyes-
ScarecrowJonathan Crane7
Spider-ManPeter Parker10
VenomEddie Brock9
WrathKing Bradley-

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Two of the most dope ninjas go at it to the death, who wins?
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The Taken King vs The Dark Lord.
Voted: Spongebob

Patrick's face says it all...
Wait a second, Hey SirSpidey what time zone do you live in? I'm Eastern American.
Northern Pennsylvania its about 4:30 pm over here.
I honestly think this whole OC thing was a pretty cool expansion to the site. I'm really exited to see how everyone's characters progress and evolve as they are added to. So far there are a lot of characters I think have a lot of potential once they are better described completed.
235 days ago
Team Battle
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Who wins?
235 days ago
I am very confused
Will we be able to delete our characters? I made one but now I see that it really isn't working so I would like to remove him.
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When it asked what powers he had...I kind of just checked everything, I have since then gone back and unchecked a few things because I have made a few changes to him. He cannot become god, powers like omnipresent, omniscient, though he could get pretty close if the battle went on long enough.
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But what about this?

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