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Roman Sionis was born with a wealthy family in Gotham City that only focused on there social status. His parents forced him to befriend a young Bruce Wayne. His parents were living behind a mask. When Roman grew up his parents banned him from dating a woman. For that, Roman burnt down there mansion, killing them. After Roman made a dangerous cosmetic suplies , Bruce Wayne forced him to resign his legacy at the company. Roman soon swore revenge against Bruce Wayne. Roman was suddenly inspired to dig his father remains and carve a mask out of his coffin. Roman began killing the businessmen from Wayne tech with the same dangerous cosmetics that got him fired from being the head of his company. Catwoman eventually killed Roman Sionis. But that didn't stop the black mask legacy.

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101 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Superman and Batman

superman could beat iron man and captain america on his own
Voted: Deadpool

kryptonite bullets and swords. Not to mention deadpool is virtually impossible to kill.
104 days ago
how do i add superpowers to superheroes and villians
Voted: Shazam

People often underate shazam. Shazam has the power of gods.
Voted: Batman

Rorschach's martial arts skills are nothing compared to batman
Voted: Punisher

Yes, Rorschach does know martial arts, but as seen in watchmen the cops were able to catch him. The punisher has never been caught by the police. Plus punisher has a wide arsenal of weapons.
Voted: Batman

batman knows everyone he fights, weakness. Just give him some time and he'll find out punisher's. And even though the punisher has military training, batman has learned way more martial arts than him.
104 days ago
Joker vs Carnage
Voted: Carnage

carnage would win. He has a healing factor and an alien symbiote that gives him super strength.
Voted: Cyborg Superman

The odds are stacked against batman this time. Cyborg superman is highly underrated, in how strong he is. He has super strength, durability, and technopathy.
Voted: Batman

Batman does have a diverse artillery. He could build a suit that could match the strength of Tony's.
Mr. Negative

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