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Wolverine It depends upon who's publishing the comic. For instance, if this tussle of titans were featured in a DC comic, the likelihood is that Batman would win; if from Marvel, Wolverine.

That being said, if you were to look at both combatants outside their perspective contexts then I don't see how the outcome would favor anyone but Wolverine.

The reason being, Batman is typically pictured as a great fighter and versed in various martial arts (though I haven't once seen any of them actually specified) as well as being very disciplined and with resources at his command of a technological nature (his various vehicles and what comes with being extremely rich, that damned utility belt that has contained some pretty outlandish things if the television shows and movies were any indicator).

That being said, Wolverine doesn't have nearly the resources of Batman.

That being said, he has a skeleton laced with Adamantium, the strongest metal in the Marvel Universe, indestructible by normal means, combined with a healing factor that virtually assures that any wound that doesn't cost him catastrophic damage will pretty much be little more than an inconvenience.

Which isn't to say that he can't die. I recall an issue of the X-Men when he was killed by a Sentinel, blasted with such force that his flesh was flayed from his bones, leaving just his metal-laced skeleton.

So I suspect that whether or not Batman beats Wolverine is all in the details. If Batman could someone sway Wolverine from trying to kill him (because all that technology and gimmicks will protect him from Wolverine from only so long, and that's not Wolvie in a 'berserker rage') then Batman could actually win.

But look at that from the perspective that Batman is unable to sway Wolverine using logic from trying to kill him.

Then Wolverine wins. Hands down because there's almost nothing that Batman could do to either stop him and his claws from filleting him.
Sentry This is tricky because Hyperion just doesn't have many clear feats. Then there's the way Hyperion's durability (multi-universe level) and Sentry's regeneration (he needs to be erased conceptually to prevent his regen from working) basically render it impossible for either of them to properly take the other out.

I'm going to give this to Sentry mostly due to his telepathy, which is insanely powerful.
Galactus I think Galactus is on a completely different power level than Superman - Galactus is almost a capital "G" god. He's an entity or Cosmic Being, not a physical being.

Think of it this way; Superheroes like SpiderMan, Iron Man, Batman, Wolverine, etc are of a different level than regular humanity.

The gods and similar beings (Thor, Hercules, Wonder Woman, Silver Surfer, The Eternals, Captain Marvel, Elders of the Universe, etc) are of a level that far above "normal" super beings (Superman is roughly in this range. he's managed to beat Thor but it took all he had to do it).

Above those powerhouses are their Leaders - Beings like Zeus and Odin - Odin can, and has, simply took Thor's power away from him. Zeus has done the same with Hercules. I'd guess Phantom Stranger and Maybe the Guardians of the Unverse fit here.

Above these beings are entities -beings that the Asgardian and Olympian Gods call Gods. Death, and Eternity (essentially Life - the opposite of Death, manifest as a being) consider Galactus their brother. Thanos often manages to get powered up to this level when he's trying to detroy the Universe (he has a thing for death and believes that if he killed everyone, she'd have to recognize him. I'd guess Darseid around here at times also.

Galactus doesn't really feel physical discomfort a*except his all encompassing hunger) and physical attacks, at most, cause problems with his outfit - which is actually a containment suit he uses to help localize his power. If it tears, it would take some time to regather the energy and repair the suit. So, Superman, could theoretically manage to get past Galactus with such a maneuver. If punctured; controlling the massive amounts of power unleashed...read giant explosion! would be difficult. This wouldn't hurt Galactus, but would destroy the solar system he happened to be in at the time. And most likely Superman, if he was still close by.

But, he doesn't need that kind of outlay of power anyway - Galactus can transmute elements. He could turn...everything around him into green kryptonite at whim.
Galactus Let's think about each side's powers.

Thanos- Super intelligence, super stamina, superhuman durability, increased strength and speed, and an incredibly strong mind.

Galactus- Universal cosmic awareness, telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, size alteration, transmutation of matter, teleportation of any object anywhere, creation of force fields and interdimensional portals, creation of life, not to mention he has complete mastery over the Power Cosmic, allowing him to alter reality and grants him near omnipotence. Let's also not forget that he was the first being in the new universe, so he has seen everything since the creation of life itself.

Even if Thanos had a complete infinity gauntlet, it wouldn't be enough to defeat The Devourer of Worlds.
Silver Surfer This may be one of the toughest decisions of all time. Both have equally matched strength! Both have equally matched speed! Neither has any way of defeating each other! It would be a stalemate that would last on for eternity, continuing until the end of time itself! No one could possibly comprehend who would win!

Just Kidding!

Silver Surfer absolutely wipes the floor with Superman. Why? Well, you see, at full power can manipulate and control all forms of energy. This is especially true for the electromagnetic spectrum, including solar radiation, which is what Superman gets his power from. The Surfer could just use his power to drain Superman of all his solar energy, leaving the Man of Steel powerless. It wouldn't even be difficult to do. At full power, Surfer could just snap his fingers and ****! Powerless Superman. So you tell me who would win? The Silver Surfer with the immeasurable Power Cosmic, or a man with no powers. I know who I would choose!
Arcade Thank you mate, for making a battle of which I made the character! Funny to see :)
Superman Superman would fly Deadpool into outerspace, that would be the end of deadpool, given that he would not disintegrate on the travel.

Superman could also pretty much throw him into the sun, he we regenerate only to melt back, ad infinitum.

This would be a short and laughable battle.
Deadpool In comics: Deadpool is the winner. Hands down.
In movies: It can go either way. But I still think Deadpool has a better chance.

First, I think Deadpool is much better at one on one combat and tactics than Wolverine, be it the comics or be it the movies. Wolverine looks more of an improviser to me, who keeps testing his healing factor and his adamantium skeleton's strength.

But, let's give Wolverine the benefit of the doubt, and assume Deadpool and Wolverine as equals in combat skills.

Also, I will assume that Deadpool doesn't use his teleportation tech (which he has in comics, but doesn't use it because it makes the fight too easy for him).

What are Deadpool options to kill Wolverine (both in movies as well as comics):

He can use carbonadium sword. Wolverine's healing factor won't work then.
He can decapitate Wolverine, with an adamantium, or a carbonidium sword. Wolverine can't recover from decapitation.
What are Wolverine's options to kill Deadpool:

In comics: NONE. Deadpool has been cursed with immortality. He can be reincarnated from decapitation.
In movies: Deadpool hasn't bee cursed with immortality yet. So Wolverine can kill him be decapitating him. But the chances of that happening are really slim.
Iron Man Captain America doesn't even stand a 1% chance against Iron Man, let me explain.

First, lets talk facts. These are Marvel's Official Power Rankings of these two characters -

Iron Man - 33/42

Captain America - 18/42

Result : Iron Man's overall score is even higher than Thor (32/42) and Hulk (32/42) by one point and higher than Captain Marvel (29/42) by 3 points. That doesn't mean he will always win against these people, it means he is pretty close to them.

Captain America comes way down at 18/42, he is a street leveler and not even the best at it coz Spider Man (19/42) beats him by one point.

Now lets look at every single category one by one :

Strength : Iron Man is an excess 100 tonner, the same category that includes Hulk and Thor. He has casually lifted building, massive ferries and moved 5 battle ships weighing 300,000 to 400,000 tons. Comparing that to Cap, he can only lift 0.4 to 0.6 tons at most. Iron Man is a beast in Strength that most non comic readers don't know of coz he's nerfed heavily in MCU.

Cap's strength feats are laughable compared to Iron Man. Even if you remove all the weapons from Tony's suit and even the flying capability, Tony still destroys Cap just from this humungous strength advantage Iron Man has over Cap.

Durability : Iron Man has casually survived Odin's Forge and shielded from Phoenix Force with ease. Whereas Cap died from a simple bullet. Iron Man stomps again.

Speed : Iron Man has even flew faster than light i.e. warp speed through which he outran a literal black hole. That's actually faster than normal Superman. Cap only has peak human speed. Iron Man stomps again.

Energy Projection : Iron Man has the ability to discharge multiple forms of energy. Cap has none. Iron Man stomps yet again.

Intelligence : Tony Stark is Top 3 in all of Marvel Universe in terms of Intelligence. Check the official list here - https://www.marvel.com/articles/...

Whereas Captain America isn't super genius or a genius or even a naturally intelligent guy. Cap only possesses learned intelligence which is basically called experience.

Fighting Skills : This is the only category where Captain America has a chance coz Cap is one of the best hand to hand combatants in the world. Unfortunately, Iron Man's armour has recorded all the fighting styles of Cap. Iron Man basically knows all of Captain America's moves before Cap even makes them. Iron Man doesn't stomp in this category, but still edges it out.

That's 6-0 clean sweep in favour of Iron Man.

And now the most common argument that Cap fanboys use...

Q. What happens if Tony doesn't have the suit ?

Ans. Tony still destroys Cap. In the comics Tony had Extremis serum for a long time which gave him super powers even without the suit. Its basically super soldier serum with self healing, regeneration and technopathic abilities. I mean he destroyed Daredevil without the suit and Daredevil is basically Cap's level.

Conclusion : Iron Man stomps 100/100 times. The only way Captain America can beat Iron Man is through plot induced stupidity by the writers.
Thor Stan Lee specifically created Thor to be more powerful than the Hulk, period.

Thor can call upon resources and capabilities that the Hulk simply cannot. Are there circumstances under which the Hulk may occasionally prevail? Yes, but the majority of the time, Thor is eventually going to win.

Thor could remain out of the Hulk's reach by simply flying. From a safe distance, he could summon as many successive lightning strikes as necessary on the Hulk to soften him up, and then wade in eventually and finish him off. Using Mjolnir, Thor could end the battle by opening an interdimensional portal and throwing the Hulk through it.

In my opinion, and it is my OPINION only, the Hulk is physically more durable than Thor, and he has the potential to surpass Thor in terms of raw brute strength. Unfortunately for the Hulk, Thor doesn't have to rely solely on brute strength and physical durability in order to determine the outcome of a battle.
Doomsday Doomsday would win.

A common misconception about Doomsday(the weakest version from Death of Superman) is that he only gets more powerful when he gets killed and then evolves.

In his very first encounter with Superman, we see that his strength increases on the spot.

First time he throws a punch at Superman, it does nothing, Superman just kinda looks at him. Then he throws another one, and Superman is visibly hurt and goes flying.

Considering that Doomsday is essentially a mindless killing machine, it's safe to say that he doesn't hold back, so the only logical conclusion is that his strength instantly increases if he encounters an opponent that is too strong for him.

So no matter how much Hulk's strength and durability increases, Doomsday will be getting stronger right along with him.
Superman Superman would tear Thanos apart. He holds back so much because he doesn't want to cause harm to others or destroy buildings and such. Even with the infinity gauntlet which doesn't cross over from one multiverse to another but I will give him that. The MCU version not the comic version. If Iron Man can take a blast for as long as he did from the powerstone then it would not faze Superman. In the comics the reality stone could actually alter reality and it was nothing more than a show and tell device and like gamora thinking that he had broken her sword and when he left Quill picked up her sword whole and not broken.

I would say that the time stone is the most powerful of the stones because it really trumps all of the other stones. This is only due to the fact that it can turn back time or create time loops but Thanos is not trained in the full use of the time stone and he could create branches in time or like mordo said a time line where he never existed at all. I have not seen it stop time. If that were to happen it seems that it would stop the user also. Thanos had to heft the Hulk up over his head and he weighs about 1,000 pounds.

In BvS Superman was shown pulling a Tanker ship like he was just walking along and without any great effort. He has moved planets. He could move so fast that Thanos would be confused and if his freeze breath didn't freeze him completely or his heat vision could not stop him it would melt the gauntlet and the stones would be laying on the ground.

We all say what the power of a mother box did to Superman. He could just grab Thanos and punch him over and over so fast that Thanos would be confused and unable to focus and as for any powers he has the MCU version didn't show him with any energy projection powers or anything but brute strength and the ability to create and open and close space bridges between one point and another without the space stone.

He also had to use the space stone to push through Wanda's powers to get to Vision and we all know that Superman can react within about 1 millionth of a second and he has Heat vision, freeze breath, micro and infrared vision, hearing beyond understanding. He can fly and live in space so from what I have seen that he could just blast him with his heat vision and hit him so hard and fast and literally push him through a planet.
Deadpool I would have to give this fight to Deadpool.

True, Deathstroke is one of the most skilled martial artists in the DC universe, Deadpool is no slouch himself. He has shown the ability to go toe to toe with Iron Fist and Taskmaster, two of the greatest hand to hand fighters in the Marvel Universe. I see their skills as somewhat being equal, or if ever Deathstroke slightly better, but Deadpool more unpredictable. What would set them apart would be Deadpool's healing ability. Deadpool's healing ability is much greater than Deathstroke, Deadpool's healing factor is proportional to the amount of injury he receives. He has even survived being decapitated. Given that fact, he would surely outlast Deathstroke in any fight.
Doctor Fate Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange (comics) - 9/10 times Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate versus Doctor Strange (end of Doctor Strange Movie) - Easily Doctor Fate, he's not sorcerer supreme yet but clearly building his power

First magic works differently in the two universes but lets not forget who we're dealing with. Doctor Strange is a mortal, human channeling extra dimensional energies as "magic". Doctor Fate is usually represented as a lord of Order working through a mortal on this plane. The level of power he has access to would, in theory, be far more than any mortal.
Batman Spider Man would clean Batman's clock. Spider Man has fought everybody from street muggers to Firelord (he was one of Galactus' heralds) and The Hulk He can press (lift above his head) between 10-20 tons, move inhumanly fast, is supernaturally agile and possesses a spider sense that (if he doesn't ignore it) will allow him to anticipate an attack before it even happens. While Marvel has assigned him villains that are far above his pay grade (frankly, Electro and Sandman would be a little too much for Spidey) Spider Man is possibly one of the most effective heroes in Marvel history.

While I admire the Batman tales of late and I have been a fan for many years, DC has been placing Batman in situations that are so far beyond his skill sets that it's almost laughable. While he could easily hold his own against The Joker, Ra's al Ghul and even Killer Croc or Clayface (his nominally super-powered opponents) he also has been shown fighting Swamp Thing and even Darkseid. Frankly, the last two were the intellectual equivalents of an ant sparring with a bulldozer. (It probably wouldn't go well for the ant.)

Batman vs. Spider Man?

*Spider Man wins.*
Green Arrow Green Arrow. Hands down.

I love Hawkeye, unfortunately, until he was recently taken over and given new breath by Brian Michael Bendis (who gave him a place among the avengers as a real fighter) then Matt Fraction (who made him some kind of pop super spy which I enjoy reading), he was just "that bow guy". It's not so bad, but it's raw untapped potential. They even (gimmickly) made him Giant-Man for a time to try to give him more flesh (with no success). So we have it: Hawkeye has been interesting only for the last seven years (death, return, Captain America for one issue, then Ronin, great fighter, more personality, back to Hawkeye and finally an interesting solo title,...).

Green Arrow on the other side got what a great hero needs: an origin story (Sure, Wolvie didn't have one, but he's Wolvie): "Millionaire falls from grace after trip-gone-wrong in a savage island where everyone/thing wants to kill him". That's the speech for the latest Tomb Raider but it's an effective one: we have the impetus to act to change the world. Hawkeye was just a good archer who decided to do good "because" (look at this bio on Wikipedia, but you won't get more) while Green Arrow fell from his money bin and realized that he, too, could help.

Which became some sort of foundation for him: his joint series with Green Lantern made him a fighter for political rights, for change,... Green Arrow could've stayed the same old rich goatee dude in his ivory tower but decided instead to clean his city and tackle the reality of life.
Superman Superman obviously. Even this current Rebirth Superman could take the Hulk on.

The Hulk would always lose, not because he's much more physically inferior to Superman, but because he's mostly raw. Raw power and no real deliberation on his actions. While Superman can create strategies, he can use his speed, strength and even his other abilities in ways the Hulk simply can't use his own power.

Here's a easy way to make the Hulk strength totally useless. Superman comes at the Hulk at supersonic speed, and punches him into outerspace. In outerspace the Hulk strength would be useless because he can't fly. Superman however can.

And if Superman wanted to kill the Hulk, all he would need to do, would be to fly himself and the Hulk into the Sun. While even Rebirth Superman would most likely survive a Sun dip, the Hulk would definitely not survive.

Superman doesn't even need to do that. A full power blast of his heat vision, focused on the Hulk would be enough to cut him half, cut off his head or simply reduce the Hulk to ashes. Superman is basically invulnerable to all natural forces, while the Hulk is not. The Hulk is quite vulnerable.
Iron Man Assuming they both co-exist in a Marvel-DC Universe, they might already know each other as both are billionares.

If a case arises where they have to go against each other(which would be exciting), Batman would already be prepared to take on Iron Man and would keep his weapons ready. But that preparation level wouldn't be enough to take him down because Tony keeps upgrading his suits. Some people mentioned that Bruce Wayne could "hack" into Tony's servers but that is highly improbable because J.A.R.V.I.S is always up and alert. It keeps improving the safety as it keeps learning.

When they actually face each other, Tony will be unarmed(not particularly skilled in martial arts without his suit of armor) while Bruce Wayne could easily defeat him. But Tony would not stay unarmed for long enough as he would summon his suit and almost instantly, he would have an edge.

Bruce, with his deception and stealth can manage to escape for a small duration. He will call upon the Batwing or Batmobile. Meanwhile J.A.R.V.I.S would hack into Wayne's computer and track Batman(assuming Batwing and Batmobile know where Batman is to come to him).
Superman Superman would own Goku anytime of the day. I'm assuming they fight without the use of Kryptonite or anything, and that is logical because Goku loves to fight his opponents at their strongest without the use of their weakness.


Now, Superman is pretty much invulnerable to external hurts and attacks. Except when they are from someone who is as strong as he is or some form of magic attack. He is able to withstand blasts from explosions, guns etc without a single scratch on him. When you see Batman V Superman, the court explosion scene, he just stood there and the blast engulfed the whole place

Now, Goku, isn't invulnerable. When he was battling Frieza on planet Namek, he was panicking because the planet was on the verge of destruction- in other words, it was about to explode, and he had to run and scramble to a space ship to transport him out of there. What would Superman have done if he were in this situation? He would have taken the blast without a single scratch.
Batman Batman wins.

This is a very close fight and can go both ways but Batman edges out a victory when all is stacked and ready.

These are not the MCU and DCEU versions of the characters. In those universes, Captain America comfortably smashes Batman. This focuses on the comics.

Comparing their abilities;

Captain America was injected with a super soilder serum which gave him the abilities of a perfect peak human, and carries a nigh indestructible vibranium-adamantium alloy shield.
Darkseid Sorry MCU Fans, but Thanos would lose. Now before you comment on how idiotic I am, I just want to point out that I'm a huge Marvel fan, and darkseid is NOT a rip off of Thanos. In fact, Thanos is a copy of Darkseid. Darkseid makes Thanos look like a preschool bully, because Darkseid is more evil than Thanos. He is literally the God of Evil, and has done countless evil things that would make even Thanos afraid.
Superman I wish people would stop saying Batman could beat Superman or anyone if he has time to prepare. First off he would never beat Superman, but also Batman is always prepared. Preparation is who Batman is, so all this staging an area for an ambush or an attack is not Batman's style. Superman will win easily.
Superman Well a fight between both these characters would be epic and I believe DC and Marvel have already done a Crossover with both these characters fighting and Superman winning that encounter.
not voted lol
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