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Dracuvas Sa Amba (Avatar form)

Dracuvas Sa Amba (Avatar form)

Dracuvas Sa Amba

Dracuvas Sa Amba's History

i was here all alone i made 11 truly omnipotent gods and i sent them to make there own omniverses and 3 of them made there own omniverse's however they may be omnipotent ,all infinite energy comes from me.We were known as the 12 but now there is only 6 left,

my sister is the 2nd most powerful,i am the first i am in all reality's at once every multiverse has me and so does every omniverse.

The third god was God an he was the third strongest but way weaker than dracuvas.

one of the 11.

the weakest of them all the star maker was sent out into the omniverse and makes multiverses ,

as Dracuvas Sa Amba sits and watches all things from beyond nothing, the void , the empty, creation ,non fiction,fiction .

...Dracuvas Sa Amba: " I see you reading my history I even perceive you, you are fiction to even me yes you , you will make your characters infinite and beyond omnipotence characters, but I shall always be the source beyond all even omnipotence , I will be here forever and beyond for death and anti-exsistence does not effect me ."