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3+ years member.
Voted: Martian Manhunter

Honestly how could Goku win?
3 years ago.
3+ years member.
shouldnt hulks weakness be gamma draining? like what red hulk did to him to beat him
3+ years member.
Doomsday drain the hulks gamma radiation and becomes a gamma radiated doomsday splats bruce banner and and walks away getting stronger and stronger since doomsday feeds off rage
3+ years member.
doomsday simply because he can evolve and really the only thing that can keep him down is the power of the big bang (imperiex) unless thanos teleports or time travels doomsday to the end of time thanos would eventually fail and doomsday would rip him in half as doomslayer did to the eradicator
3+ years member.
Voted: Doomsday

i think doomsday could drain naruto of his chakra possibly and if that doesnt work he could just destroy the earth and cause naruto to die in space doomsday cant really die
3+ years member.
Voted: Doomsday

Doomsday can adapt and evolve the ability to drain the hulk and absorb the gamma radiation similar to how doomsday absorbed a guardians power and also how he altered the radiants energy splitting him in half and also absorbing halos and lookers energys make me believe he could absorb gamma radiation ....just like how the red hulk drained the hulk

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