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Battles created by dog

Team 1 Team 2
The One-Above-All & Stan LeeThe Fulcrum & Jack Kirby11125
Team DormammuCosmic Armor Superman23102
OdinNecro King Thor4012
The FulcrumTrue Form Oblivion8001
Team Superman Prime One-MillionTeam Cosmic King Thor8101
Thanos (Earth-9047)The One-Above-All7001
Rune King Thor & Old King Phoenix ThorCosmic Armor Superman7101
Thanos (Earth-9047)Lucifer Morningstar16301
Team The One-Above-AllTeam The One Below All6101
The Living Tribunal & BeyonderSpectre Oversoul10301
The Living Tribunal & BeyonderLucifer Morningstar10001
The One Below AllGod Emperor Doom7101
The One-Above-All & Jack KirbyThe Writer & The Presence7001
Team Cosmic King ThorTeam Cosmic Armor Superman9201
Team Old King Phoenix ThorTeam Cosmic Armor Superman7101
True Form OblivionThanos (Heart Of The Universe)7101
Team Death Of The EndlessThanos (Heart Of The Universe) & Thanos (Astral Regulator)7001
Lucifer MorningstarGod Emperor Doom & Doctor Doom (Life Force)7001
Elaine Belloc & Elaine Belloc (Dunamis Demiurgos)Michael Demiurgos & Lucifer Morningstar7201