Akudama Drive

Doctor's powers and abilities

Medical knowledge: Befitting of her name, the Doctor is an incredibly skilled surgeon and medical specialist. Despite her sadistic tendencies, she possesses immense natural talent and skills in the medical field that border on superhuman. She has studied and masters all kinds of medicines and remedies, both natural and man made, alongside highly advanced medical procedures from all across the world.

Surgery: The Doctor has surgical skills that go beyond what should be humanly possible. She appears to be capable of healing any wound as long as the person treated is still alive, which includes herself. This is seen when she is able to stitch up and close a deep throat wound inflicted on her by the Execution Division Apprentice, and later upon being able to reattach herself back together after being cut in half at the waist. Similarly, she is able to reattach the Cutthroat's severed legs in very little time.

As a surgeon, she is skilled with a scalpel, which is also her weapon of choice.

Chemist and pharmacist: The Doctor uses drugs of her own creation.

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Genetics specialist: The Doctor is also implied to have some skills in genetics and genetic manipulation, as she studies the secret to the Brother's immortality from his blood samples.

Superhuman endurance: The Doctor is shown to possess immense endurance, as she fixes herself up after receiving wounds with no mind for the pain, and manages to survive said wounds for long enough to be able to stitch herself back together. Similarly, she appears to have no mind for the effects of blood loss.



Intelligence160 IQ
Strength100 kg • 220 lb
Speed1 m/s

Super Powers

EnduranceToxin and Disease ControlAccelerated HealingVitakinesisBiokinesisWeapons Master