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Doctor Sivana

Doctor Sivana

Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Sr.

Prime DC Comics Universe

Doctor Sivana's powers and abilities

Magic Vision:

When he opened Adam's tomb Sivana was struck in the right eye by a bolt of lightning, allowing him to see magical energy around him.


Doctor Sivana once discovered a mathematical formula which, when recited, allowed him to walk through walls and solid objects, making himself almost impossible to imprison or even catch.

Business Management:

Sivana is a shrewd businessman. He is also very business savvy and has a cunning mind.

Genius Level Intellect:

He has genius level intelligence which allows him to give him a technological advantage in battle, by creating various weapons and gadgets. Sivana has mastered all scientific and technological disciplines, and is one of the worlds leading scientific minds. He also has a small understanding of the occult due to his time studying Black Adam. Sivana can read and speak hundreds of ancient dialects. He is also a brilliant Brilliant inventor, a skilled manipulator and strategist.


After science failed his family, Sivana turned to magic. He learned all he could about the legend of Black Adam. Thaddeus knows many of the myths and legends of the ancient times, mostly learnt during his hunt for magic.


He once stitched together, from animal tissues, an artificial manlike "Beast-Ruler", with a number of superhuman abilities.

Animal Control:

Sivana bred and raised at least one entire generation of Venusian Glompers, on Earth.