Divine Pixel Book

Divine Pixel Book


Divine Pixel Book's History

Character Info

Date of Birth - July 17th, 2003

Birthplace - Eldrich Hills

Marital Status - Single

Sexuality - Straight

Alter Egos - N/A

Likes - Mystical Experiments, Reading about mythical beasts, practicing and training with dark energy, helping out Amethyst Priscilla...

Dislikes - Plasmatic (Previously....they've learned to get along), people who believe "magic is just science 'we' don't understand yet"

Hobbies - Cooking, traveling between dimensions and realms, learning and understanding the width of his powers


History -

Who was he? A man who's wife was killed by a demonic saint? A poor child who was thrown into the deepest, darkest depths of the hellish embers of Mephisto's heart? Or was he just an innocent soul looking for a family to help him with his dark-side? No one knows....except for himself. In fact, even his team doesn't know his real name. Only referred to them as Pixel...