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Digimon Physiology

What is Digimon Physiology?

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Digimon is the name given to beings, that contains Digicores, usually created by Yggdrasil that inhabit the so-called Digital World. They are beings created with the idea of evolution in mind and so one of their main features is the need to beat an opponent, absorb their data and thereby evolve.

Due to the franchise cosmology, which is inspired by Neoplatonic Emanationism, the data that make up the Digimon are a metaphysical and primordial material from which the matter, mind, and even soul of the lower worlds are mere emanations of what exists in the Digital World. And because of the franchise's theme of equating reality with a computer system, Digimon and other digital beings have a wide range of natural powers that make them powerful.

Heroes and villains with Digimon Physiology

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