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Durability needs to be 85%
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We already went over this
I didn't say do it I said it needs to be,
60 is low for him in my opinion, just saying
Sorry 😐
Needs a better profile pic,
The profile pic is awesome, why have to change it?
Guys go down to the (Forum) The Bat Family
There's a difference in
Durable, and endurable,

(Durable) (durability)
is to withstand damage, what ever it is it can't hurt you, can't be hurt, right,

(Endurable) (Endurance)
Is how well you take pain being inflicted to your body, some people cry, some laugh,
And some just grints and gets angry,
Like ds should have full endurance
If there was a stat, bc he can take pain very well, and he has great endurance feats,
Being blown up shot in the head and all that good stuff.
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Ok, when has Deathstroke withstood attacks from powerhouses like Superman consistently?
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I edited him
Not really nothing, I kinda got carryed away on just his feats. Instead of durability feats, oops
I keep getting the f*cking point mest up
I keep getting durability and endurance mixed up, I kinda was on endurance on that last comment. Sorry
You got discord so I get you scan's of proof,
Good proof.
That's an invalid discord link.???
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What's your name on Discord?
full-hand is the name

Dont laugh I was pranking the other user named emptyhand in this website.
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You were banned because you were a double of another account on the server
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Do you have any other account on the server? If you tell me I can let you back in
Ya because i forgot my password to the first acc so I had to create another account.
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What was your original account called?
I think trigon1 or bane333 I had two that was in the discord. Link
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Hm there's no other account in the server under that name
Ok from just reading the first
(new 52) deathstroke comic today
I can tell his durability is weigh past 60
It's around 85% to 100%, can someone update him and give him 100% durability,
And I have proof if needed to show,
And I can tell he isn't as intelligent as the
(pre-crisis) ds, so his intelligence is perfect.
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Deathstroke never really tanked attacks from the likes of Superman, Hal Jordan and major DC powerhouses without it being PIS, no his durability isn't 100
Do you no what durability is.
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The ability to withstand damage
Exactly, nice google save. Lol 😂
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What? It's common sense...
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So tell me again how does he have 100 durability?
Because he can't be hurt, he has a
healing factor, he has healed from the worst injuries a human could ever get, and a normal human would of died easily,
He's heal from gun shots to the head,
He even pulled his own eye out without grunting or struggling over the pain, being blown up, arms almost completely severed,
He could easily take blows from the likes of green lanter, the bad ds caught green lanterns punch in mid air and then restrained him with ease, just read base ds for instance, check his stats.
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"He can't be hurt"
So if The Living Tribunal were to attack him it wouldn't matter because he has a healing factor?
Also, nice try, but the Fatal injuries he has recovered from, yeah, it usually takes him hours to recover
And as for the feats with Green Lantern,
1. That has to be PIS, or he must've had some sort of amp, because using that logic he can probably contend with Superman, Wonder Woman etc
2. What does that have to do with durability?
Now that's an update who ever updated this Deathstroke knows there sh!t,
Good job finally a good editor, bravo bravo
Legit as it can get.
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What do you mean, "finally a good editor?"
I mean some characters says are off quit a bit and win they get updated sometimes it even more off but this character is perfect.
Last update they made his combat 30 and his intelligence 70, smh but now his strength is more accurate then bad ds bad ds is weight to weak, Wikipedia says he can casually lift 2 ton, I think you hit the strength just right.
Guys check out (new 52) red hood, I just finally finished him check his stats history power etc everything, see if he's accurate before I submit him,
I'll check em out
Who ever edited him can you edit one more thing he is 6'5 not 6'4 😁
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Combat 30???
*Combat 100
He has accelerated healing,
His durability needs to be 85%
And his combat 100%
And his intelligence 100%
Combat needs to be 100%
Needs updated

Intelligence 100%

Strength 35% 2000 kg

Speed 45%

Power, start it 25 and let the powers and ability's Take it up from there

Durability 75%

Combat 100%

(Powers) and (attributes)
Accelerated healing
Enhanced hearing
Enhanced senses
Enhanced smell
Super strength
Super speed
Toxin and disease resistant
Weapon based power
Weapons master

Or give me edits to update him.
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So basically the exact same as the Post-Crisis version
You mean base ds no
Base ds is
Intelligence 100%
Strength 30% 1100 kg
Speed 35%
Durability 65%
Power 100%
Combat 100%

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