Cyber Godzilla

Cyber Godzilla


Godzilla: The Series

Cyber Godzilla's powers and abilities

Heat Ray - Although lacking this ability while he was alive, Cyber Godzilla can now fire a blue atomic heat ray similar to Godzilla Jr's, if slightly weaker.

Cyborg Upgrades - In addition to the metal replacement limbs and extra armor plating, Cyber Godzilla gained a set of missile launchers on his dorsal plates and a dish-like mechanism inside his chest. The missile launchers fire in sets of eight energy missiles, which are capable of taking down jets and other military hardware, although they are of dubious usefulness against other kaiju. The dish in his chest can be used to fire a sonic attack as well as being able to reflect other sonic attacks back at their user.

Cyber Godzilla's weaknesses

Chest Cavity - Although the dish in his chest is a useful weapon, it is also a massive weakpoint while it is open. Godzilla Jr. used this weakness to kill Cyber Godzilla once and for all fairly easily.