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15 hours ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team The Presence

Just in case, some of y'all take it too seriously, issa joke
15 hours ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team The Presence

Now if we were looking at Motto Motto, or an Anti-Vax kid on Shaggy's team, that's a win.
Me personally, it's really fallen off for me and it doesn't feel like it's getting any better.
I read it a couple Days ago, I was super impressed by the development of Moro, he is ruthless and I love him as a villain. Also, I don't know if he can be beaten.
6 days ago
Team Battle
Voted: Team Grand Master Skywalker

Like don't get me wrong, I love the Power Rangers and they draw powers from cosmic forces but they still don't have anything that matches up to a Jedi especially one this powerful.
Hemsworth but yeah, he is close. I like him, he is good. I think he is the funniest but the best and most fun all around I believe is the best or RDJ.
6 days ago
gallery image
Might literally be the best actor in the MCU
Not voted yet

I still just need the proof of the episode that he can do that without touching someone because all research I've done says that he has to touch them.
Voted: Lord Starkiller

Yeah @LordTracer that is true. Technically you're right. I just don't know what Optimus would do hear. Unless he can resist the most powerful form of the force we've ever seen you know?

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