Creating comics my dream any tips

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Creating a company legacy league is like the avengers or jla of my company as it's the main team any tips.Best creation
Legacy league: shuriken, mr.bionic,pheonix fighter,star god,and barbarian
Legend league: bionic, grim reaper, marina, Kung fu kid, and megaton
Other best: dr miracle, mind man, iguana man, bug boy, Spartan 100,target, one armed ray and drago
Other teams
The rejects: prodigy, kid brute, silver target,mind man
Allies of earth: t-Rex, lord lion, mr. Bionic, target, light-speed, mind man, barbarian, pheonix fighter, and more
Protesters of the planet: dr. Miracle, the good techno god, the obliterater, tsar, and more
Warriors of the world( supremes): waterman, grim reaper, mind man, barbarian, nukle,and cosmo
Evil squad ( squadron of evil): tak-eon, red giant, antimatter, rad, and norm. Techno god
Assassins of earth: gunman, barbarian, robo-ran, bushido, and more


Crimsonassassin 11 mo 17 d
Creating comics my dream any tips
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Have a good story and characters I'm currently working on my graphic novels the story is about a group of people who fighting for freedom in a infinite multiverse of governments. I based my characters of video games, books, and movies I've seen read or played the rest just comes to me for story.
Ps Nemian I gave a response on your new oc character it's kingNemianlion Based off " King Richard the lion heart"
TheNemianLion 11 mo 17 d
Creating comics my dream any tips
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Create lore, create concepts from origin, design, bios, etc, spend years doing this.
Phenomocomics 11 mo 19 d
Creating comics my dream any tips
I also have neon ranger of the planet neon includes(blist) ayo who has electric powers from a long stick, neonick who has a futuristic suit, takedown the Air Force warrior, groove the dance demon, and split with stretchy powers
Hero squad: Volta the electric man, geo the rock man, nitro the smart speed runner, catalog the human vampire, and spin the nature boy x