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Cosmic Cube

Cosmic Cube


History of Cosmic Cube

The Cosmic Cubes are powerful objects which store reality-altering energy. The Cosmic Cubes are able to rewrite reality and do virtually anything their master wishes. A Cube's master is able to create planets, augment or negate other people's powers and skills, and so on. The Cosmic Cubes are created by the " Beyonders" from the unknown dimension of Beyond. The Beyonders made the Cosmic Cubes in order to test people's desire and evolution processes. The Beyonders also desired change in the omniverse. The Cosmic Cube could only be obtained by projecting a particular type of energy which would open a rift to the source of the Cosmic Cube's power. The cosmic energy flows through the rift and is then stored in a matrix.

Cosmic Cube is also known as; Tesseract