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A more in depth analysis into how strong Goku is, I did make a little mistake in the calculation i used a x30 when it should have been a x20 so adjust accordingly to the final result, and you'll understand why I think VSBW tiering makes no sense.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Gohan

I think he needed Mastered to become stronger than Beerus based solely on Beerus' facial expressions for each event.
I guess you're right, i must have been mistaken because i could swear he was in x30 but apparently my memory failed me.
1+ years member.
Odin >= Thanos >= Darkseid > Thor > Apocalypse > Martian Manhunter > Superman > Hulk > Gladiator >= Sentry > Juggernaut = Doomsday > Silver Surfer >= Green Lantern > Flash > Wonder Woman > Aquaman = Carol Danvers > Iron Man >
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Voted: Team Gohan

1. The first time was when he launched that Spirit Bomb at jiren that put Goku into the UI State for the first time, and Goku later used x30 again when he and Vegeta faced Jiren for the closing minutes of the tournament.
2. Multi-Universal to base Multiversal i can agree with.
4. Okay, then yeah i agree with that.
5. I consider it PIS but he has done it a few times so even though Darkseid stomps him 8/10 times Superman defeating him a very few amount of times should still be considered IMO.
1+ years member.
Jean Grey > Iceman = Storm > Colossus >= Wolverine >= Cyclopes > Beast
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Gohan

Goku with kiao ken x30 is what makes him equal to Vegeta, and after the zenkais Goku took more damage than Vegeta so Goku's power boost should logically put him over Vegeta at their bests.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Gohan

2. Raditz was considerably weaker than Goku even after they trained with Whis so he shoukd logically be slightly weaker.
3. I forgot about that fight, fair point and that would make Gohan Universal+ by scaling.
4. Maybe pre-crisis Supergirl was equal or superior, but Post-Crisis Superman is undoubtly stronger based on feats the most she could be is Galaxy to Multi-Galaxy range.
5. He dealt damage but did not defeat Orion so the most he could possibly be is multig-galaxy level to base Universal because he is weaker than Superman who has bested Darkseid who is superior to Orion.
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Gohan

1. Gohan fought with SSB Goku for like 1 minute and then got slapped away not to mention Goku has gotten stronger than his training with Gohan, Gohan's greatest triumph was bullying Dyspo, Toppo in his base was way stronger than Dyspo and even ate Gohan's kame-hame-ha like it was nothing, not to mention how much more powerful G.O.D. Toppo is, and Vegeta defeated a stronger version of someone who's base was stronger than Dyspo who Gohan was comparable to, Vegeta was way stronger than Gohan and Goku is equal to, or even superior to Vegeta.
1+ years member.
I'll add to it later on but this is just to lay the ground work
Thor > Superman > Hulk > Juggernaut = Doomsday > Silver Surfer >= Green Lantern > Wonder Woman
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Gohan

Using each characters highest form, not base
Gohan- Multi Galaxy to base Universal Supergirl- Multi Solar System Level; Gohan wins.
Raditz (good) Multi-universal to low Multiversal level, Superman- Universal+
Vegeta- Multiversal, Orion Multi-Universal
Goku-Multiversal, Superboy- Multi-Solar System level
Piccolo- Multi Solar system to Galaxy level, Hulk Multi-Galaxy to Universal
Cell- Solar System Level, Sentry- Multi-Solar System to Galaxy level
Team Universe 7 wins easily
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