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Thank you @Manofpower, I'm glad I'm not the only one who really enjoyed the Thor movies, they're were all 3 good, I just don't understand all the hate people gave the first two, talking about how they're "slow" not nearly as slow as Man Of Steel, sorry I had to go there, the movie was enjoyable towards the end but Sups getting bodie by Faora the entire time but then suddenly being Zod's equal, that didn't make much sense in my opinion.
2+ years member.
Abomination vs Solomon Grundy
2+ years member.
@marvel500 I haven't decided yet, if enough people want it, (it has to be at least 8) and can promise to be FULLY active then I can start it tomorrow if that's the case, it depends when enough people want to join, it's a confirmed 3 with you, me, and @AkhilPDX, just need 5 more and I'm willing to start it.
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@TheNemianLion, I'm normally not one to self promote (that's a big lie) but would you mind taking a look at my battles? They're like @MOP's except mine are a lot more serious, care to have a look?
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So even if you think it's a tie, then leave it as such and let the fans vote on the outcome.
2+ years member.
The battle very well could be a stalemate, like the Naruto vs Aang y'all did, say that you guys can't decide who wins and leave it to the fans to vote and choose a winner, don't bullsh*t a victory out of it that shows bias towards that character and @MOP, who you said writes the battles, has been shown in the past that he has a big bias for Flash. And it would not be a stalemate, Juggernaut gets one hit in and it's a gg, not to mention Flash has been shown to tire out before and does get combat fatigue, Juggernaut has never gotten tired or combat fatigue ever so if it comes down to a battle of attrition, the Juggernaut still wins, so in the scenarios one is a tie, the other is a win for Juggernaut, that means overall that Juggernaut gets the W.
2+ years member.
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I was not expecting to see this when I came back, God damn.
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Ignore the "not" towards the end I was typing fast.
2+ years member.
During Flashpoint he had a major boost, you can't deny that it's facts, he has never done it again you have no evidence of that. And let's say hypothetically he didn't have a boost, how come he doesn't just do that when a major threat comes along, because he can't it's a one time showing and he needed HELP. It doesn't matter if Galactus was starving or tired, what you are suggesting is that Flash's speed can over come a being whose shields were strong enough to tank an attack that damaged Galactus who even while hungry and tired still is mulit-galaxy level based off him destroying 3 star systems, galaxies, without any sign of fatigue after during Annihilation after being starved and drained of his power for many days, you are suggesting that Flash can grab and carry someone who tanked an attack that damaged a mulit-galaxy level threat, you are implying Flash can grab a hold a being with that level of durability? No, and let's be nice and say he could grab him, do you really think Juggernaut would just let the Flash drag him? Hell no, he'd punch him probably breaking his spine and stopping with ease. And you still haven't disproven the fact that if Flash did take home there that he himself could not escape as he would die also because he'd be floating through not empty space and you can't run without a surface or friction, there is absolutely no friction in space so Flash could not move and would die first because of suffocation, so my point stands, Juggernaut gets the win.
2+ years member.
I liked the battle, up until the end because it randomly became one sided. Barry Allen could not hurt Juggernaut, he couldn't even make him blink with his punches. And Flash could not run him through time that would imply that Flash could first stop him in his tracks and then drag him with him, he can't do that, Barry Allen only did that one time and he had HELP from a boosted Kid Flash, he needed help to run through time, he can't do it again, he never has and never will, out running death? That's cool and everything but Death is only the 4th fastest based on that picture you showed behind even Superman who's greatest speed feat is nowhere near exceeding that of time. And by saying he could stop Juggernaut, you are implying that The Flash is stronger than hulk, Thor, Hercules, a celestial etc. And that is not true, not to mention Flash is a glass cannon he would not be able to penetrate Juggernauts force fields and grab him, he'd just be repelled back just like Thor's hammer, hell he even tanked a God blast from Thor which could hurt Galactus which would make the attack casually multi-universal, something Barry can only dream of accomplishing not to mention if Barry did run him all the way back to before the big bang, he would die also because one he reaches it guess what, there is nothing there for him to run on meaning he too would die from it he would even die before juggernaut from suffocation because Juggernaut can breathe in space but Flash cannot, so not only is it not possible for Barry to achieve even of he was he'd lose anyway.
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