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My secound Profile I use when im away from my other lap top.

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I mean I can, I'll think about it.
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Voted: Heartstone and Doctor Omega

Such spite
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Who should my next freestyle be about, vote now by replying:
Green Goblin
Link To the raps: www.superherodb.com/forum/superhero-villain-freestyles/100-3177/
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It already has it's own variation? I still don't like that stuff, just keep it as one character, but that's my personal opinion.
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TOAA is only omnipotent with a power source, remove it and he is far from. If you want evidence, read Secret Wars (2015) for disproving his all knowing and Infinity Conflict
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TOAA has shown that it has desires and curiosity, if you are all powerful then you could make all of your desires true, unless you didn't know how to do it, and it you are all knowing you would have no curiosity at all, you know why, because you can only be curious about stuff you don't know about, and if you don't know something, you don't know everything. If you know everything, you would be curious about nothing since you would already know everything, two contradictions to his "all knowing" in the same comic. As to disproving his omnipotence he was on the verge of being replaced by protege meaning his power can be reached. Not to mention TOAA was SURPASSED by Thanos with the cosmic regulator, he was just going around slapping the cosmic hierarchy and absorbing them into himself, and all the while the Living Tribunal was asking TOAA what they should do, and TOAA admitted that Thanos was too powerful. If you are omnipotent you CAN'T be surpassed, but he was meaning he is neither Omnipotent or Omniscient.
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This is isn't a graveyard suggestion, he asked a question on who I think wins
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Hmm, Dr. Manhattan has a lot of those same abilities as well, but he is reasonable for recreating the New 52, which is a 52x universal feat at least, what is Wiccan's most impressive feat?
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They'll have to open it in a new tab, but yeah go for it
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Legend has it that @LordTracer and @Marvel500 are still arguing who wins to this day
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