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Voted: Silver Surfer and Beyonder

@AkhilPDX, I don't know much about Melkor, and Beyonder does solo, but Silver Surfer would lose badly to SP Hulk. SP Hulk was casually able to slaughter a majority of the Watchers who are comparable to Skyfathers. Which puts SP Hulk in at least Universal to Universal+ ranges because of how easily he defeated the Watchers, whereas Silver Surfer is only in the Multi-Solar System ranges no contest.
1+ years member.
And that is a sun on it's own, but adding in the fact that a person is absorbing all of that energy at an incredibly high rate the sun would logically run out of power many times faster than on it's own accord, so no, it is not limitless.
1+ years member.
@Dcfan123, it is not endless. It will last a very long time, but will eventually run out, because solar bodies/suns have a certain lifespan.
1+ years member.
I've already moved on, you brought our debate up not me, you can't disprove it, so this discussion is over, I win, don't bother replying, I will ignore it.
1+ years member.
I would love to debate @Remy94 about this, too bad he doesn't come on anymore.
1+ years member.
@Jakcj, if someone is willing to prove me wrong I would like to hear it, but no one has proven me wrong yet, so until someone does it is what it is.
1+ years member.
Um what, you said this forum was made "to hear everyone's argument on this fight" and then you order me to leave for stateing my opinion when that is what this forum was made for and tell me to leave because of my belief? Sounds a lot like fascism to me.
1+ years member.
Oh you want me to find someone because you can't? Hm, once again you ask me, your opponent, to argue for you becasue you are incapable of doing so.
1+ years member.
What does that even mean? Your opinion is that Superman wins, so he doesn't win because that is your opinion, that logic is flawed and is not at all how a debate works. A debate is when two people argue a subject and one has to prove the other wrong, I proved you wrong and you failed to prove me wrong so I won the debate, Goku wins and no one can prove otherwise, especially not you because you can't prove anything you say.
1+ years member.
Excuse me what? You took the L, and I have to evidence to prove you lost, you gave up because you couldn't prove me wrong, so you where the one that went home, you literally asked me to argue for yourself, because you could not do it yourself, you didn't prove anything, I won there is no arguing that
Shuma Gorath

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