Citizen Steel

Nathan Heywood


Citizen Steel's Powers

Organic Steel Physiology

Nate Heywood's skin, bone and muscle tissue has been transmuted into organic steel, which provides him with enhanced strength and durability. According to Doctor Mid-Nite's prognosis, it would take nothing less than an AIM-9 Sidewinder to even knock him down.

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability



Nate Heywood possesses great athletic prowess.

Citizen Steel's Weaknesses

No Tactile Sensation

The organic steel also covers Heywood's nervous system disabling his sense of touch to an extreme degree.

Power Instability

As such, he has trouble gauging the amount of pressure that he exerts and cannot feel varying extremes of temperature.

Strength level

400+ tons (880,000 lb)

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