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@Tracer Can you please name as many characters above Eternity, Infinity and Death.
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1. Dormammu and Umar
2. The Spectre, Radiant and Anti-Monitor
3. The Emotional Embodiments
4. Mr. Mxyzptlk
5. Doctor Manhattan (Rebirth)
6. The Entity, Nekron, White Lantern
7. True Darkseid, True Orion, True Ares
8. Swamp Thing
9. Full Potential Zatanna
10. The Infinites
11. Multi-Abstracts
12. The Living Tribunal
13. Lucifer Morningstar and Michael Demiurgos
14. Protege
15. Scathan the Approver
16. Beyonder, Molecule Man, The Beyonders, God Emperor Doom
17. Elaine Belloc (Angel)
18. The Endless
19. The One-Above-All, The Presence, The Fulcrum, Elaine Belloc
20. The Infinity Gauntlet and Heart of the Universe
Can you please explain who are the emotional embodiments, The Entity, and Full Potential Zatanna,
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The Emotional Embodiments are Parallax, Ion, The Butcher, Adara, Ophidian, The Predator and Proselyte. They fuel the emotions that the Lantern Corps exist based on.
The Entity, or the Life Entity, created the Emotional Embodiments, and rules over the Emotional Spectrum.
There was a comic, I'm not sure which one, where someone stole Zatanna's power and stated that Zatanna wasn't even close to using her power to its full potential. Apparently, at her full potential, Zatanna's magic is on a fifth dimensional level.
There is also Phantom Stranger (equal to Spectre) and HOM Scarlet Witch (warped full fed Galactus and destroyed Multiverse).
You do know that once Spectre turned the Phantom Stranger into a mouse( and turned a 5D Imp into a pen(
Yeah, I know about those things. Stranger later got his revenge.
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Thought Bot and Nekron
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Just who I can think of rn that aren't on the list apart from TOAA Presence etc etc
@Tracer Who do you think is more powerful than Oblivion?
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Anyone stronger than Eternity, Infinity and Death.
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Lucifer Morningstar, Michael Demiurgos, Beyonder, Molecule Man, Death of Endless, The Great Evil Beast, The Presence, One-Above-All, Eru Iluvatar, Spectre, Other Endless, Mxyzptlk, Life Force Wanda, God Emperor Doom.
@Suspect Congrats on your new mod status. But why is it a tick?
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Thanks.I don't know what is this tick maybe is something like mini mod ;D
I agree with @Suspect's list. Maybe add Living Tribunal and Elaine Belloc.
Geese Howard, he killed the christian God in Capcom vs SNK: Chaos.
Who's more powerful than oblivion?
No. Just no. You might claim Thor to be above Death, but Oblivion is more powerful than Death. A mere aspect of him(Mikaboshi) was equal to Eternity and Death.
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@SirSpidey not close. Oblivion is above Thor and Rune King Thor. Normal Thor never defeat Death.
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@windshadow: Death and Oblivion are two aspects of a more complex whole, just like Eternity and Infinity. They are both equal in power, just like Eternity and Infinity. Also, it is not my claim that Thor is more powerful than Death, it is a fact that Thor is more powerful than Death
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@TheSuspect666: Yes, Thor defeated Death in Thor Volume 2 #25, read it. In which comic did Oblivion destroy a Multiverse or defeat a group of Beyonders?
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@SirSpidey Thor defeat Mangog (who is Hulk level) and Thanos (who defeat Thor also) Thor is nothing more than Thanos.
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Mangog is vastly more powerful than the Hulk. Thanos never defeated Thor fairly. Thanos used outwardly intervention. Plus Thor was exhausted from all the other superheros he was decimating, so quit saying Thanos defeated Thor. As for the comic, that was not Thanos, that was Death
Characters Who Are More Powerful Than Oblivion

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