Thomas Blake


Catman's powers and abilities

Genius Level Intellect:

Is an extremely skilled inventor, having fashioned many of his own gadgets and weapons himself.

Martial Arts:

He has been shown as an extremely capable fighter, standing against foes such as Monsieur Mallah or Captain Nazi. He is able to hold his own against some of the most proficient beings and fighters in the DC universe, including Bronze Tiger, Batman, and an actual lion.


He is also one of the world's foremost hunters and trackers, possessing an extraordinary sense of smell.

Animal Training:

He seems to have an affinity for big cats, having been accepted among a pride of lions for a while. He was once the owner of a pet Siberian tiger named Rasputin, which was trained and helped him commit crimes. Rasputin has not been utilized in his modern appearances to date.


He’s also apparently an incredible baccarat player, able to beat even the Gambler, who cheats.

Peak Physical Condition:

Catman is an Olympic level athlete, and in the peak of physical condition.