Can we discuss the issue of wanking on here?

Created by ElectroSpino, 2 y 10 mo 17 d ago.

I left after a few weeks, and I came back and the website has the same problem. The problem is the inability for most people to have functional debates that reside on this site. I'll post a battle and the only answer i'll get is X Stomps. Sometimes it can be valid, but very rarely. The amount of wanking and how uneducated people are seeming is really mind boggling. Like earlier I saw someone say Darksied could solo Thanos, Silver Surver, and a few more. No. No he could not, he could barely take Thanos, he could defiantly not take both. Another claimed General Zod as Multi-Universal. He is barely Solar System level. To make this a decent site people need to be able to back up why X character wins, and not saying X stomps, and be able to provide proof. There are far better VS sites, like r/whowouldwin (Reddit) and the VSbattles wiki, as people actually appear to know what they are saying.


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