Nathan Summers



Galactus Cable 1 year ago.
*power update* went from Class 12 to 21.
10+ years member.
dragonmaster Cable 2 years ago.
power level=395
2+ years member.
Jayimfamous Cable 6 years ago.
Cable is easily a top 5 mutant in earth.... His intellect is on par with reed Richards which would make him one of the smartest men on earth and he teleports. The speed and his intellect should be raised...... Cables is a expert in hand to hand and marksmanship there\'s no way that his combant rating should be that low It should be almost maxed..... Cable is also very durable he has fought the hulk and held back his techno virus the virus has merged with his bones n there dense making his body more suspectible to damage and he repairs at a rapid rate.... Cable deserves to be a Lvl 14 to 16 mutant
6+ years member.

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