Battles created by brucewayne123

Team 1 Team 2
Red Death (Dark Multiverse)Ghost Rider3 mo 8025
Vision (House Of Ideas)Pralaya (True Form)3 mo 311803
Team DoomsdayHulk (Heart Of The Monster)24 d 7013
Doctor Strange Supreme (What If...?) (MCU)Superman1 mo 11313
TrigonNabu3 mo 8013
Loki (God Of Stories)Mr. Mxyzptlk (World's Funnest)3 mo 201602
Ares (True Form)Odin1 mo 4012
Pralaya (True Form)Elaine Belloc3 mo 19002
Red She-HulkJuggernaut3 mo 6012
Pralaya (True Form)The One Below All3 mo 24902
Raven (Unkindness) (FS)The Spectre23 d 13101
The Darkest Knight (Dark Multiverse)Vision (House Of Ideas)11 d 8101
Zatanna (Supreme Sorceress)Ares1 mo 7001
MordruAll-Father Thor5 d 8001
GrailAres3 mo 6301
Gorr The God ButcherGrand Priest1 mo 7001
Loki (God Of Stories)Zatanna (Otherkind)3 mo 17501
Wonder Woman (God Mode) (New 52)Ares3 mo 9101
Zeno SamaX-Legion (Earth-295)3 mo 10001
Great Evil BeastPralaya (True Form)3 mo 15401